Tati Gabrielle on Wellness, Bold Makeup, and What It Takes to Play a TV Villain

From actress Tati Gabrielle's mile-wide smile and giddy falsetto voice, you'd never guess she plays a villain on TV. The effervescent 22-year-old Bay Area native has been entertaining since she was old enough to speak. At age 3, her parents, unable to deny the kid's infectious charisma, started her on a couple modeling jobs, and by 5 she was performing on stage. In 2015, Gabrielle moved to Los Angeles, and a few short years later, she can be found spooking and enrapturing audiences at the same time on Netflix's Chilling Adventures of Sabrina as Prudence, the villainous HWIC of the Academy of the Unseen Arts and nemesis to spunky Sabrina, played by Kiernan Shipka. Gabrielle fondly calls Prudence her "complete opposite," though she knows better than anyone that deep down, the character is more than just a chic bully. "I don't think anyone is evil for the sake of being evil," Gabrielle offers. "The way that mortals have treated witches through the centuries is something that Prudence holds very close to her heart, so she holds that grudge against Sabrina. … It's a deeper issue than just being mean." As Vulture recently put it, Prudence is "one of the most fascinating, stylish, and simply fun-to-watch witches pop culture has seen in awhile" with a storyline that "carries weight and dimension in ways black witches are rarely granted in pop culture."

Speaking of style, Gabrielle pulls off the gothic black lips, winged eyeliner, and ruthless disposition of her supernatural character effortlessly, but in real life, her aesthetic is much more down to earth. We got an afternoon with Gabrielle to play with colorful holiday makeup looks and chat more about her character, her skincare and makeup routines, and her wellness goals for the coming year. Read on for the photos and conversation.