Reviewed: This Cleansing Oil Is Like Removing Your Makeup With Liquid Silk

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My fixation with cleansing oil began when I was forced to use olive oil to remove my makeup in a hotel once (I still think that micellar water should be on the room service menu, right next to the French fries). To my surprise (and delight), it kind of worked, and thus the obsession began. I've tried quite a few in my time (Kiehl's and Cosmedix are right up there), but one pump from Tatcha's silky elixir, and I knew I'd found the one. 

Keep reading for all the wonderful reasons why. 

Tatcha One Step Camellia Cleansing Oil $77

To set the scene, I don't wear heavy makeup, but I need an effective cleansing routine to break down oil, grime, and sunscreen or I'll breakout (fun). I find that two pumps of this oil is plenty, and it glides over dry skin like a dream (also, always use dry hands to apply—dry everything is the not-so-secret secret of successful oil cleansing). I massage in for a full 60 seconds, concentrating gently on my eyes to really break down mascara and eyebrow product. 

To finish, I emulsify with a little warm water before rinsing off. I promise it takes off every skerrick of makeup, so much so that I will confidently declare that this cleanser passes the white towel test—by which I mean you can dry your face with a white towel straight after the fact without fear of dirty makeup stains all over your best Sheridan wares. Amazing, I know. 

But the real reason I'm sharing this review is because of the way my skin looks after. I'm notorious for redness after cleansing, but this oil leaves me clear, calm and even. I believe it's played a part in clearing up those annoying little under-the-skin bumps across my cheeks too. 

The product itself is a blend of rice bran and camellia seed oil, which is important as these are both non-comedogenic (meaning non-pore clogging). It's formulated without mineral oil or synthetic colours and fragrance, making it a hero pick for sensitive, reactive complexions. The real star though, is the addition of Hadasei-3, Tatcha's signature antioxidant complex. A mix of algae, rice, and green tea, it's based on the staple Japanese diet, and thought to be the reason why Geisha's (on which the range is based) never really seem to age. 

In my honest opinion, it seriously works. 

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