Tatcha's New Clarifying Clay Mask Is a Game-Changer for My Congested, Oily Skin

You'll see results in three minutes.

Tatcha green clay mask


If you've ever dealt with oily, congested skin, you understand the uncomfortable feeling, redness, and breakouts that it brings. You likely also know how tricky it is to find products that will actually work and show actual results. In the end, the goal is to have your skin feeling its best and eliminate excess sebum, dead skin, and oil buildup—all without any over-drying or irritation.

Thankfully, Tatcha has come up with a solution: the clarifying clay mask. The newest launch from the brand is known to absorb excess oil and help exfoliate to leave a brighter, smoother complexion. It's made for those with congested skin, but it can also work well for anyone who needs a deep clean. Ready to learn more? Keep reading for all the details on Tatcha's latest launch.

The Inspiration

Kucha, clay found in the central and southern seas of Okinawa in Japan, inspired the brand's latest launch. This clay has a long history as a beauty secret of Okinawan women who use it in hair powders and face masks to garner its benefits. Tatcha wanted to harness the power of the clay in this new mask.

Tatcha green clay mask


The Formula

Aside from the Kucha in its formula, the mask also has two other hero ingredients: Japanese Konjac and Volcanic Ash. Konjac is derived from a root vegetable and is intended to gently exfoliate. It also claims to act as a magnet to pull out any dead skin, impurities, or build-up. On the other hand, volcanic ash is known to create a warming sensation with the mask application, which is supposed to help open the pores and draw out dirt and oil.

The mask itself is made for anyone who deals with occasional or ongoing congestion. However, it can be used on combination or oily skin to target pores, breakouts, excess sebum, and oil. Arguably, the mask's most notable feature is that it works in just three to five minutes—unlike other clay masks that require much longer to work their magic. Also nice: The mask adds in hydration and won't leave your skin dry, which is a common struggle with many clay mask formulas.

How To Use

The brand recommends applying a generous, even layer onto the skin, avoiding the eye area. After a few minutes, the mask will change to red from its original green hue and produce a warming sensation. Tatcha advises not wearing the mask until it feels completely dry—like other clay masks–but to leave it on for no more than three to five minutes. When the time has passed, you should rinse it off with cool water.

Tatcha clay mask before and after

Rachel Dube

The Review

My skin experiences tons of congestion, so I knew this mask would be perfect for me. Just like the brand says, the mask was green and cool when I first applied it. However, within a few minutes, it changed to orange and gave a warm tingly feeling. After rinsing it off, my skin immediately showed signs of improvement. My redness had decreased and the tight, congested feeling had vanished. I'll definitely be incorporating this into my routine on a weekly basis and am certain I'll continue seeing improvement.

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