Tata Harper's Newest Launches Are God-Sends For Sensitive Skin

A serum and eye cream that won't stress out your skin.

Tata Harper Superkind Serum and Eye Cream

Tata Harper/Designed By Tiana Crispino

In the world of clean beauty, Tata Harper continues to thrive in a lane that combines natural, potent ingredients backed by innovative technology to make all your dreams of buttery, radiant skin — reality. The brand has been around for a decade and has mastered the art of active naturals that work to target specific skin concerns from moisture, aging, and sensitivity. In April, Harper's namesake skincare line revealed its Superkind brand extension, made to be effective and gentle to reactive skin.

At launch, Superkind was revealed with a cleanser, radiance mask, and moisturizer, all hypo-allergenic, fragrance-free, and packed with natural actives to help strengthen your skin's barrier. Now, Tata Harper is introducing two new members to the Superkind family: Its Bio-Barrier Serum and Bio Barrier eye cream. Like the OG products in the brand's sensitive skin range, the new additions don't miss the mark. Each item was meticulously tweaked and formulated for three years before being bottled to perfection in Harper's quaint skincare farm in Vermont. We got to preview the new launches before they hit shelves exclusively at Harper's home base. Ahead, everything you need to know about Superkind's latest.

The Superkind Story

Instead of frontloading these innovations with potential irritants, Harper's labs sourced over 20 actives to be delivered by way of hydrating, nourishing formulas. Not to mention, everything is made without sulfates, gluten, soy, fragrances, and essential oils.

Where most lines catered to reactive skin can feel super sciency and clinical (which is okay, too), Harper managed to bottle calming properties in a luxe pump you won't dread layering on in the morning, and will still help preserve and improve the appearance of your skin. "Having products that solely calm the skin is necessary, but when you're in your forties and fifties with sensitive skin, you're aging and may have other concerns," Harper tells me overlooking a massive lab pot churning the Superkind serum. "You want to be proactive about your skin and there aren't a lot of products that do both."

Tata Harper new Superkind serum and eye cream

Tata Harper

Harper and her team of in-house formulators found a sweet spot between gentle and powerful thanks to tons of testing and research. "This wasn't about just removing essential oils, which is so easy," Harper explains. "We had to go out and find new emulsifiers, new preservatives, actives, and butters. We also had to make sure the line was completely vegan." Additionally, the Superkind line underwent voluntary regulation and is EcoCertified and received the Mayo Clinic's safety seal. "It's really important that you validate your claims and for us, EcoCert makes sure that our formulas are 100% natural and they validate every single raw material," Harper explains. "They also verify the organic content so that our customers know what percent of the formula was farmed organically, and they ensure our packaging is sustainable."

The beauty and skincare world is no stranger to quick-turnaround products, but the latest from Harper is a slow burner "investment" piece for your medicine cabinet. The Superkind range was created to make safe, effective, non-exacerbating skincare for "reactive skin." Think: Skin that is subject to dullness, dryness, itchiness, redness, and dehydration. What many natural skincare brands won't tell you is—just because it's plant or earth-derived— doesn't mean it won't upset your face.

The Bio-Barrier Serum & Eye Cream

For the brand's new serum, Harper landed on 26 high-performance ingredients sourced both internationally and locally intended to smooth, firm, and hydrate the skin without causing it stress. Amongst her favorite ingredients in the serum, Harper calls our red sage root a favorite for reducing inflammation. Probiotics, a potent blend of algae and saffron, are also star ingredients.

Like its serum sister, the Bio-Barrier eye cream utilizes 27 active ingredients to refine the under-eye area. In addition to red sage root, ceramides, and hyaluronic acid, it's packed with java fruit extract to depuff and reduce the appearance of dark circles over time. A careful makeup of plant-based molecules also works together to tighten and firm the under-eye area over time. 

The Review

A generous pump of the Bio-Barrier serum dispenses a hybrid cream-to-serum-like formula. It isn't thick or goopy like a moisturizer but still has a liquid, veil-like texture of a serum. On freshly cleansed skin, it absorbs nicely once you massage it in. As promised, the formula is fragrance-free and doesn't instantly sting or tingle. My skin is relatively sensitive and will tell me right away if it isn't fond of a product through teeny red bumps. I didn't experience any unwanted texture after using this. Instead, my skin felt plumped and radiant.

Byrdie senior social media editor

Star Donaldson

Byrdie's senior social media editor Star Donaldson has also been using the serum and loves that it doesn't leave behind an oily, tacky finish, while still melting into her skin. "I've been using this texture for the past week and I love that it's moisturizing without feeling greasy," Donaldson says. "After visiting the farm, it was amazing to see just how natural and thoughtful this line (and all Tata’s products) are."

I like to think that I was born with dark, puffy circles—a double whammy, if you will. Still, I haven't been the most diligent with eye creams and remedies. In the past year, I've tried my best to remember to use eye cream daily but was put off by the number of formulas in my collection with pot jars that require dipping and contaminating with my fingers. My eyes are super sensitive, so this new serum coming in pump form was an instant benefit in my book. It has a thicker consistency than the serum but still melts quickly into my delicate eye area, so you don't have to overstimulate your skin for the product to absorb.

Byrdie editor selfie using Tata Harper Superkind serum and eye cream.

Aimee Simeon

Final Verdict

The reality for people with sensitive skin is that picking a definitive stance on the natural versus clinical debate is tricky when anything can trigger a reaction. Still, if you're proactively seeking clean skincare, Superkind is worth giving a test (or a patch test, just in case.) Spending time with Harper and her team and witnessing the meticulous detail that went into every bottle of Superkind's newest serum makes me even more confident that—not only are the products clean —but they're made to work if you stick with them.

Superkind Bio-Barrier Serum
Tata Harper Superkind Bio-Barrier Serum $130.00
Superkind Bio-Barrier Eye Creme
Tata Harper Bio-Barrier Eye Créme $130.00

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