Reviewed: I Put Tarte's Babassu Foundcealer to the 12-Hour Test

Beauty often reflects our time—socially, technologically, and economically. For me, my standard and expectation bar for products raises regularly like a growing pole vaulter. Tarte Cosmetics is one of my favorite brands, but when I first heard the name of their new foundation, Babassu Foundcealer, I was confused. What is “babassu” and what is “foundcealer”? Is the foundation especially full-coverage, like a concealer? Once I tried it on, however, my questions about language went away, and all I could think of was how much I loved this new foundation. Shakespeare made a really great point once: “What’s in a name”?

I’ve had great success with a lot of Tarte products, especially their Shape Tape (used sparingly) and Amazonian Clay concealers. Despite the number of products that I use and try, I still get excited for a new release like it’s my bat mitzvah all over again. Babassu, I learned, is an oil extracted from the seeds of a babussu palm tree from the Amazon region of South America. It resembles coconut oil, but unlike coconut, babassu has a very low comedogenic rating (meaning there’s little chance of it clogging your pores) and is widely used for soothing inflamed skin conditions like seborrheic dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis, and acne. I love South American skincare products and learning new words, so I was very excited about babassu.

To review this foundation, I did something I don’t usually do: I wore it for 12 straight hours. I documented the full wear-test so that you can see if babassu is right for you (see what I did there?).

Tanya Akim

10:00 AM

First impression: I love the finish and texture. I apply the shade medium-tan neutral shade (I have a tan) to half of my face with the Tarte brush and to the other half of my face with the sponge. I definitely prefer the sponge application; I found the brush picked up some dryness and was a bit streaky for my preference. I had a small spot of post-inflammatory redness which I needed to apply more foundation to because it didn’t completely cover it with one pass. It’s definitely a lighter-weight foundation with buildable coverage. My skin looks really dewy and glowing, which is just how I like my skin to look before and after makeup—like a mushroom during marination.

2:00 PM

I powder my nose, forehead, and chin because it’s 98 degrees and rising (I always love a boy band reference). The foundation is still perfectly intact—no dry patches, no creasing (like I’ve found the Shape Tape foundation can cause) and looks dewy as ever. Bianca Jagger said she used to take a hot bath after applying her makeup to go to Studio 54 so that she looked blended and glowing. That’s exactly how my skin looks and feels right now, and it’s putting me in the mood for a plunging bodysuit and Spotify’s daytime disco mix.

4:00 PM

Great googly moogly, this foundation is luscious. I’m very impressed by how this is wearing and looking. After eight hours of wear through heat, air conditioning, sun, and a bad phone call, it still looks practically flawless with little-to-no creasing. Looking close-up around my nose and laugh lines, and still nothing.

 Tanya Akim

7:00 PM

I reapply a dab of concealer to the spot of post-inflammatory redness, re-powder my nose, and put on eye makeup before dinner. I don’t have any creasing or dry patching like one might expect from a liquid foundation that’s been on for 9 hours. My skin feels supple and hydrated, despite not drinking much water today. I credit the hyaluronic acid and babassu oil (still not used to saying this) for the plumpness.

10:00 PM

Unsolicited comments from my dinner companions include: “Are you pregnant? Why are you glowing?” and “You look even dewier than usual”. After 12 hours, I still have very little creasing. Am I dreaming? I only applied powder twice throughout the stifling hot L.A. day, and I don’t feel like I have makeup on. Luckily, this is SPF 20, so I think this is now my new go-to liquid foundation for the summer.

Tarte Babassu Foundcealer $39

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