This New Makeup Line Was Designed to Withstand a SoulCycle Class


Urban Outfitters

I won't lie: I've always been a tad judgmental of people who primp for the gym. It's not that I'm totally against looking cute at all times, even when you're blitzing your way through a sweaty HIIT circuit—it's more that when I catch a glance of someone with an enviable cat eye or impossibly thick lashes in the locker room, all I can really see are black streaks dripping down my own face as I wheeze through my last burpee. And then that morphs into visions of mascara-and-sweat-clogged pores, and suddenly I'm spiraling into a hole of horrific blackheads and never-ending breakouts. I believe the medical term for this is beauty editor-induced skin paranoia

So when tarte invited me on a fitness-centric trip to famed wellness destination Canyon Ranch—all the while alluding to a mysterious new collection I would be trying out while I was there—I was more than curious to see how this would play out. "No need for any glam on this trip," the itinerary stated for good measure, adding that we would be spending the majority of our time in yoga pants. 

I would learn almost immediately upon my arrival to the resort in Lenox, Massachusetts, that the athleisure theme of the excursion was even more pervasive than I initially guessed. Tarte's newest collection consists of the ultimate gym bag beauty essentials: natural-looking makeup and skincare formulated to withstand even the most intense fitness sessions—and help us freshen up afterward. (Tarte even test-drove the new range in sweat chambers.) And that, I suddenly understood, was my real problem with makeup at the gym: I just hadn't found the right products yet.

Over the next few days, as I put the new formulas through the paces of several different fitness classes, the concept felt more and more genius. How was it that this tinted moisturizer kept my skin velvety smooth even as I beat the daylights out of a heavyweight boxing bag? Or how about the mascara that stayed put throughout an entire day of sweating it out—and even after my face was smushed into a massage table for 80 minutes? Sheepish gym makeup convert, party of one.

Keep reading to get the lowdown on my four favorite products from the collection.