4 Incredible Things That Happen to Your Body When You Drink Tart Cherry Juice



Through my research writing various wellness stories for Byrdie, I've come across the benefits of tart cherry juice several times over. My first thought was, Why tart? Is there something about the sour flavor that makes it better? Technically, no. A 2018 study examined the merits of tart and sweet cherries, and both were found to have similar positive health attributions. The real difference is that sweet cherries are typically eaten fresh and are only in season in the summertime, whereas tart cherries are often used as a juice concentrate or in cooking and baking and therefore available year-round, presumably accounting for a greater amount of studies done with the tart variation. And while it may be a bit too potent to consume on its own (think unsweetened cranberry juice—many people opt to mix it into a smoothie) science, medical health professionals, and nutritionists stand behind throwing back a glass. 

"Overall, cherry juice can be a positive addition to a healthy diet," says Kaley Todd, RD and Nutritionist for Sun Basket. "However, when choosing cherry juice or eating tart cherries, make sure the product does not contain added sugar, and that the product is 100 percent cherries. Also, be mindful that when adding cherry juice to the diet, you are also adding additional calories." Flavor and calories aside, the science behind tart cherry juice is fascinating—its antioxidative, anti-inflammatory properties have been found to address a number of health concerns in such a profound way that it makes us want to consider buying bottles in bulk. Keep scrolling to learn more. 

Let's say you can't stomach the taste of tart cherry juice, whether you shroud it in a smoothie or not. Luckily, research finds that cherry supplements help with pain management and inflammation as well, so you can skip the puckered lips.

Ed. note: Before taking supplements or changing your diet, please speak with a health care professional to ensure introducing tart cherry into your diet is safe for you.