Target Will Soon Expand Its K-Beauty Offerings With Products Starting at $5

Up until now, K-beauty products have been somewhat difficult to come by IRL. Unless you shopped online at e-commerce stores, there wasn't much opportunity for testing the latest Korean skincare and makeup formulas. Lately, though, we've seen K-beauty products pop-up at some our favorite beauty retailers like Sephora and CVS, and we love it (the more we can surround ourselves with K-beauty products, the better). 

The newest store to expand its offerings also happens to be one of our favorite drugstore beauty destinations: Target. As of September 10, they will welcome Glow Studio, which is a curated collection of K-beauty products chosen by the skincare experts over at Glow Recipe

Which K-beauty products will you try? Let us know in the comments below. Then read about the top K-beauty makeup brands you need to know.