A New Line of Vegan Fragrances Is Coming to Target—and They're Only $25 Each

Like so many other people, I thoroughly enjoy going to Target. It's not even an errand at this point, as it's become something that I actually want to do. Where else can you shop drugstore makeup, K-beauty skincare, and pick up milk and bread at the same time? Let's just say that if it wasn't for Target's ever-growing beauty section, my semi-weekly household shopping runs would be way less enjoyable.

Today, news broke that the retailer is expanding its offerings even more, and in a big way, by introducing a new line of fragrances to its already populated shelves. The new line is called Good Chemistry and it's exclusive to Target. It features four different scent collections inspired by certain moods and feelings. The names include Cool Glacier, Vanilla Orchid, and Apricot Bloom (so yes, I'm very much looking forward to dousing myself with them all).