Target Beauty Prices Are Often Cheaper Than Drugstores—We Asked Why

We love a good beauty deal as much as the next person, which means shopping around for the same product at different retailers. For prestige brands, the price is pretty consistent across the board, unless there's a major sale happening (hi, Nordstrom Anniversary), but when it comes to drugstore products, there's a major discrepancy among retailers. More specifically, we've noticed that Target tends to have the most competitive pricing compared to other major drugstores. (My all-time favorite Revlon ColorStay Foundation is $8 at Target but $15 at its competitor.) This could be because of scale and volume discounts, which translates to a smaller price per unit when Target orders larger quantities of product as compared to drugstores. The general competition among the stores could also be a factor in Target negotiating better prices for the same products you can get at other major chains. This is all speculation of course, but when we asked the folks at Target corporate to comment on their pricing strategy, they remained tight-lipped.

"We don't comment on pricing specifics for individual products or business categories," they said in an email. "We want to ensure guests feel confident they're getting great value every time they shop with us. That means offering them competitive prices every day, along with additional ways to save through meaningful sales." Whatever the strategy is, we're grateful for the affordable pricing on our favorite budget-friendly buys. Below, take a look at how its beauty products compare to another major retailer.