25 Beautiful Tapered Cuts for Natural Hair

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Whether it’s a dramatic undercut or a mohawk-inspired style, natural hair looks amazing in a variety of tapered cuts. "Women with natural hair have many options," says hairstylist Alicia Bailey. This includes the cropped looks you’ll find on Instagram that prove tapered styles look especially good on coily hair. We spoke with Bailey and stylist Andrea Dent for more on tapered styles. Here are a few of our favorite tapered cuts for natural hair.

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Blonde Fro-Hawk

Don't want to part with your length but still want to make a bold statement? Ask your hairdresser for a conservative fro-hawk that tapers your sides oh-so-slightly. "I love to see women wearing a fro-hawk," says Bailey. "The fro-hawk is a bold style that can be worn in many ways. Since the hair is usually faded, tapered, or close on the sides, the drama is usually in the top or along the middle of the head."

This smooth transition creates a shape that directs a viewer's eye to your longer, textured locks and beautiful face. Opting for an icy blonde color is another way to make this hairstyle pop.

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Soft Cut

A deep side part is a great way to highlight your faded sides. You can leave the rest of your hair any length you want, but to see that side part you worked so hard for, you should keep your cut at an inch or two.

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Artsy Colors

"Tapered cuts are blank canvases that allow clients to be creative and express their style in an almost art-like way," says Dent. "They can choose a cut design that reflects their personality or mood with clean lines, swirls and even art shaved in. They also have the option of styling it with curls, twists, faux locs, and coils, too."

Or, in this case, with dye. From the faded dark sides and intricate shaved-in design to the defined fire orange curls—anyone that chooses this unique style will be a walking piece of art.

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More Curls Up Top

Low-key naturals at stage two in their hair journey can join the tapered haircut team by keeping hair shorter at the back of the head. This creates a choppy, medium-sized afro that still maintains definition. To make the cut stand out, fluff up the front of your hair and pull a few strands to create wispy curls.

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Asymmetrical Curls

An asymmetrical cut will always stay in style, and you can make the look your own with your natural texture. Keep the sides trimmed while gradually leaving out tufts of hair, so your curls won’t get lost.

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Auburn Waves

Tapered Haircuts Natural Hair Auburn Waves


Naturalistas who want to enjoy short hair's benefits without chopping it off can elevate their look with a teeny weeny afro. The secret to this look? Keep hair short enough to be out of the way and long enough to show off your texture.

handy boar bristle brush can lay down baby hairs or create soft waves, while a monthly (or weekly) auburn rinse adds a touch of color. The gold standard is the Mason Pearson Handy Mixture Bristle Hair Brush ($175).

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Bold Frohawk

Tapered Haircuts Natural Hair Frohawk


If daring is your middle name, you'll love the idea of a colorful frohawk. Ask your stylist to buzz off the sides, create a shape—like a shaved lightning bolt—and hit the bleach bottle for added oomph. Of course, you can go for any color, but this vibrant shade packs plenty of personality and complements neutral wardrobes. The real draw here is the fun shape, which doesn't take itself too seriously.

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Curly Coiffure

If you need a tapered cut that’s easy to manage and can go from a night out at a concert to morning meetings at a corporate office, this style is a fit for you. All you need is a slight side trim and a hydrated wash-and-go routine. Keeping your temples short while the rest of your hair grows will create a chic high-top that stands out from the crowd.

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Ginger Snap

Replace the spikes in standard mohawks for stretched-out kinks and coils. Just shave down the sides and pick an optional design. If your hair needs assistance in the texture department, you can opt for a braid-out to give you that tousled look. Last but not least, tie in a ginger hue for an alternative vibe.

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Peekaboo Cut

Delight onlookers with a hidden undercut design. Opting for a symmetrical pattern, like a lotus flower or an evil eye, is a visually stunning way to shape your style. Simply pull your hair up to reveal your tapered cut.

Ask your stylist to add detail to your undercut via a shock of color or a design made in braids or twists (think Senegalese twists dyed in a range of purple hues). These unexpected details can freshen up casually styled hair.

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Icy Trail

Tapered Haircuts Natural Hair Vibrant Color Blue


If you wish to say goodbye to long natural hair and hello to a vibrant fashion color, this clean fade is right for you. Request a close shave so the deep side can steal the show, then add the icy, gunmetal blue, and you’re ready to go.

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Dip-Dye Fro

Tapered Haircuts Natural Hair Dip-Dyed Afro


You've probably seen your fill of fro-hawks, but this dip-dyed tapered haircut is anything but repetitive. Shave your sides and create a large "Z" pattern for a fun view. When you're ready to go out, toss your hair up front and pin or tie it in place to show off your lightened curly ends.

"When wearing a wash-and-go with the fro-hawk, activate your curls with your favorite styling product and allow the hair to dry," advises Bailey. "When the hair is completely dry, use a pick to lift the roots ensuring the curls are not disturbed. Add a little holding spray to the root area while diffusing the hair and lifting simultaneously to create volume."

Don’t forget to fluff for extra volume when wearing an afro or fro-hawk. For even more oomph, use an alcohol-free mousse to lift and volumize roots (and it works especially well for fine hair).

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Conventional Cut

Tapered Haircuts Natural Hair Pixie


Not looking to get too close to your hairdresser’s clippers? No problem. This long, layered pixie tapered haircut may be right up your alley. It’s a conventional, timeless style that looks great with curly textures and highlights the face beautifully. Moreover, this cut is an excellent choice for naturals who have fine hair and desire more volume.

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Classic Pompadour

Tapered Haircuts Natural Hair Pompadour


A modern take on the pompadour, this look is all about volume. With this style, you can mimic a tapered cut (by pinning hair to the side) or keep the hair trimmed down, or buzzed everywhere except for the top.

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Cinnamon Coils

Go about your daily life with a low-maintenance temple fade adorned with defined coils. Add a dash of spice by dying your front section, mid-scalp, and crown a warm cinnamon shade.

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Accessorized With a Hat

Opting for a tapered haircut doesn’t mean you can’t dress up your natural hair. You can play around with colors and accessories more often than expected. A wide-brimmed hat is one stylish way you can complement your tapered style.

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Asymmetrical Buzzcut

Remember when Cassie sported her asymmetrical buzzcut? You can mimic that punky style by shaving off one side of your hair and enhancing the look further by implementing box braids as a protective style.

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High-Low Fade

Tapered Haircuts Natural Hair High-Low Fade


A high-low fade lets you get the flat-top look without the height maintenance—all it takes is a little buzz to the sides of your head. The contrast between the different lengths of hair creates a dashing gender-neutral style.

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Simple Silver

There’s beauty in simplicity, and this fact holds true in the natural hair world. Elaborate designs, dye jobs, and length aren’t necessary if you don’t want them to be. You can rock a chic silver Caesar and show off your unique features.

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Grapevine Curls

Tapered Haircuts Natural Hair Grapevine Curls


Make your way through the grapevine with a midnight purple frohawk. Keep your long curls at the forefront while your tapered sides are highlighted with clean, surgical lines.

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Natural Gray Coils

Whether your hair is naturally gray or enhanced with color, the hue definitely adds character to a curly tapered cut.

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Pinned Down Sides

Hair pins come in handy if you have a longer tapered side (or if you're growing out your current cut). You can use a gel or mousse along your edges to achieve more of a slick look.

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Asymmetrical Side

Don't feel afraid to get inventive with your haircut. Case in point: this asymmetrical cut with sharp edges along both sides that create a stunning geometric look.

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Grown Out Tapered Cut

Sure, cutting a tapered cut is a good look, but the style (unlike other haircuts) looks great when grown out too. You can utilize techniques like finger coils and twist-outs to define your hair when your curls get longer.

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Tapered Pixie

You can pair a pixie cut length with tapered sides for a wispy style that's equally cute and easy to maintain (besides regular touchups with your clippers or with your stylist).

  • How can I maintain a natural tapered cut?

    One of the most important things to know about tapered cuts is that they grow out quickly. You should try to schedule a barber appointment every 2 to 3 weeks to keep your cut looking fresh.

  • How can I fake a tapered cut?

    If you love the tapered sides look but are a bit afraid to commit, you can create a faux hawk look by parting your hair in 2 or 3 vertical sections. Slick up the sides to create a ponytail and fluff each ponytail out to look uniform.

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