We Asked You to Share One Thing You've Done for Your Health Today



Sometimes it feels like life gets away from us. And while it can be hard to take a moment for ourselves, it’s essential for our health that we do. After all, if we don’t take care of ourselves how can we be expected fulfill our day-to-day responsibilities? In the spirit of International Women’s History month, we reached out to our lovely Instagram followers and Facebook group, The Beauty Line, to ask the following question: “What’s one thing you did today to take charge of your health, mental or physical?” Much to our delight, we received a slew of inspiring responses. From taking yoga classes to shutting down your computer during lunchtime, our readers were chock-full of recommendations and daily self-care tips. For a little “me time” motivation (you deserve some R&R), we’ve compiled the seven different ways our readers take charge of their mental and physical health. Keep reading for their creative suggestions.