This Is the Only Heat-Styling Tool I'll Ever Use on My Dry, Fine, Curly Hair

t3 Lucea ID Straightening and Styling Iron

Hallie Gould

I don't heat style my hair often—I used to, and then it all broke off. To be honest, I haven't ever made the health of my hair a priority. I was barely leaving the house (save for a 15-minute walk here or there)—I decided to give my hair the R&R it so desperately deserved. Think: tons of masking, hydrating and bond-building shampoo and conditioner, and absolutely no heat. And it worked, as my hair has grown more over the last few months than it has in the last few years.

Still, there are times when I like to mix things up. I love my natural curls, but I also love a smoother style from time to time. But, I am no longer willing to risk the health of my hair. Enter: T3's Lucea ID Straightening and Styling Iron ($235), a heat-styling tool that actually takes your hair type and texture into consideration. You can personalize the settings and the tool adjusts its own heat settings as a result. Sound too good to be true? Below, find my full, honest review of the Lucea ID Straightening and Styling Iron—complete with before and after photos.

T3 Lucea ID Straightening and Styling Iron


BEST FOR: All hair types and textures

USES: To smooth, style, or straighten hair

PRICE: $235

ABOUT THE BRAND: T3 exists to offer a better, smarter, easier way to style by demystifying the styling routine and pioneering a new kind of hair tools: technology-forward, fast-working, designed with high performance and better results in mind.

Lucea ID Straightening and Styling Iron
T3 Lucea ID Straightening and Styling Iron $235.00

About My Hair: Curly, fine, and prone to breakage

My natural hair texture is really fine, but also quite curly. So caring for and styling it can be tricky. I have curly hair, but it's not coarse or thick, and it's certainly not strong. For a long time, I only used hydrating and nourishing products and hated the results, and then years later only volumizing, and my hair broke off. I also used heat-styling tools with abandon and it made the situation worse. It wasn't until fairly recently that I figured it all out, found a routine that works for me, and invested in products that target my specific concerns. This tool is exactly that.

As I said above, I used to heat-style my hair far too often for it stay healthy. I also used tools that didn't take the delicate nature of my hair into consideration. T3's Lucea ID Straightening and Styling Iron ($235) allows you to customize your styling approach by altering the temperature based on your hair texture and type. That way, it limits the damage when I choose to use it—plus, it leaves my hair silky, soft, and not dry or broken.

T3 Lucea ID Straightening and Styling Iron
Hallie Gould

The Science: You can personalize it to your hair type and texture

So, here's the thing. I've mostly stayed away from heat styling for the last few months to better the health of my often dry, breakage-prone, bleached hair. But this product is made with those concerns in mind. T3 launched a "HeatID" technology which personalizes the tool's heat to your unique hair profile (which means less damage). It uses an algorithm that considers things like hair texture, length, color treatment, and chemical treatment, to deliver the look you're going for, while protecting against unnecessary heat exposure.

Here's something relatable (i.e. this is me): Research conducted by the brand showed that 72 percent of those who use styling tools think they have to turn up the heat to get the styling results they want. This protects you (and your hair) from that myth. Beyond temperature personalization, the styler is equipped with a smart microchip and advanced dual heaters, which monitor and manage heat output for temperature consistency across both plates throughout the styling process.

The Before + After

Hallie Before/After
Hallie Gould 

The Results: Smooth, shiny, and not dry or broken

There are nine heat settings and they automatically adjust based on your hair texture, length, and color treatment—you just input everything and it does the rest for you. Then, there's "refresh mode" which reduces heat levels if you want to retouch your hair after the initial styling with less heat exposure.

First, you choose your hair texture—options are fine, medium, and course—mine is fine. Then, your hair length. There's even a handy guide with pictures so you can more accurately move through the choices. Above the chin is short, next shoulder-length is medium, and below the shoulder is long. Last, and perhaps the most exciting for my highlighted hair, is color treatment. You can choose this if you've lightened your hair, or would describe it as fragile, damaged, bleached, or chemically-treated. Check, check, check.

Moving through my hair was a breeze. The ceramic plates felt smooth against my hair (no snags) and allowed for one-pass styling (which, for me, is a feat). The results are pretty incredible: smooth, shiny, but not limp. I am always hoping for volume (fine hair and all), and this tool makes it happen—even while straightening my curls.

T3 Lucea ID Straightening and Styling Iron
Hallie Gould

The Value: Pricy, but worth it

This isn't a cheap product, but the value it brings, IMO, warrants the price tag. Plus, it feels inline with other luxury styling tools on the market.

Our Verdict: Buy it right now

After trying out this tool, I can't recommend it enough if you're in the market for a smoothing, styling tool that won't wreak havoc on the health of your hair.

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