Sydney Sweeney's Lob Is Giving Modern Rachel Green

Volume? Check. Side part? Check.

Sydney Sweeney with copper hair

Sydney Sweeney

Sydney Sweeney may be the closet thing we have to America’s sweetheart. The star offers something for everyone, whether she’s hitting our screens as a the vulnerable-yet-messy Cassie on HBO’s Euphoria, fixing up her vintage Bronco on TikTok, or serving haute balletcore on the red carpet. Now, you can add hair to the long list of inspo Sweeney provides: on January 8, the star debuted a cute Rachel Greene-inspired hair look, complete with voluminous layers and a supermodel side part.

In a video posted to Instagram, Sweeney poses for the camera wearing a grey blazer paired with two dainty gold necklaces. She proves that a smokey cat eye can elevate a fresh look by wearing a smudgy grey wing paired with an inner eye wing of the same color that makes her eyes pop. She pairs the look with a nude coral lip and her covetable tousled hair.

Everything about Sweeney's hair in the video is giving us very much Rachel Green vibes. Sweeney’s lob-length bronde hair features long layers that add body throughout her hair while creating dimension with ends of varying lengths, a key feature of Jennifer Aniston’s flippy ‘90s hair. To double down on a Rachel Greene style, Sweeney’s hairstylist, Halley Brisker, blew her hair out in a way that added classic volume at her roots, along with long swoops throughout her strands to create a blown-out, voluminous shape. Oh, and there is no Rachel Greene cut without a deep '90s side part, as seen on Sweeney in this video.

Although this style looks like the type of air-defying ‘do that can only be achieved in a salon chair, this look is pretty simple to do at home. After prepping the hair with a sculpting product, grab a ¾-inch round brush and begin at the top of your head before blowing out the sides. (If you’re not a pro at using a round brush and blowdryer, opt for a blowdryer brush.) Next, position your hair under the brush and blowdry as usual. Then, apply velcro rollers and allow about twenty minutes for your hair to cool, locking your strands into that blown-out shape. After your hair has cooled, comb out the ends for a fluffy effect, and avoid combing out the roots so that you don’t lose any volume. Finally, after parting your hair to the side, hit it with hairspray to lock in the look. 

As Sweeney said in her post, “I wish we wrote more love letters.” Well, our 2023 resolution is to write as many love letters as possible while sporting fluffy, voluminous hair like hers. 

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