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  • New York University


  • Disordered Eating, Gut Issues, Behavioral Health Nutrition


Sydney Greene is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist focusing on integrative, customized nutrition counseling and coaching for individuals in recovery from substance use and individuals looking to recover from disordered eating. Using a holistic, customized approach, Sydney works with individuals all over the country and offers a nutrition support group program called Soulful Eating in addition to her monthly cooking clubs.

Sydney works with those who are looking to heal their relationship with food and find freedom from the mental obsession of a number on the scale, eating the “right” foods, “being good,” bingeing, restricting, over-exercising, and chronic dieting. With a firm belief that healing is a unique process, Sydney takes pride in meeting her clients where they are and working with them through an eating disorder and trauma informed lens. Sydney has completed training in nutritional psychiatry, as well as in-depth education in nutrition for mental health disorders.

Sydney has written for Nike, Man Repeller, Eat This Not That, Women's Health, Health Magazine, Livestrong, Shape, and A Sober Girl's Guide. You can follow her on Instagram @greenehealth.

When Sydney is not seeing clients, you can find her hiking mountains in Colorado, testing new recipes, shopping at the farmer's market, or hanging out with her pup, Charlie.


Sydney obtained her Bachelor's in Nutrition & Dietetics as well as her Master's in Clinical Nutrition from New York University. Her clinical training was completed at Mount Sinai St. Luke's.

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