Finding a Salon That Caters to Natural Hair Just Got Easier Thanks to One App



The struggle of trying to find a hairstylist is real. No one knows this more than natural-haired girls, who have to find a top-notch hair guru with the knowledge and skills necessary to whip textured locks into a flawless style and perfect color. We're happy to report that this whole process just got way easier thanks to Swivel, a free app dedicated to matching you with the hairstylist and colorist of your dreams. No more spending countless hours scouring Yelp or leaving the salon feeling like you wasted money on a frizzy blowout. 

"There are more than a dozen beauty booking apps available in the Apple store, and very few of them really consider the hair needs of black women in a truly authentic way—most don’t even include salons that can do our hair," Swivel co-founder Jihan Thompson tells Yahoo Beauty. With Swivel, users select the desired service—there's everything from blowouts to cornrows to extensions—your hair type, and price range. Whether you have locs, naturally kinky curls, or are transitioning your hairtsyle, this service will have you covered. Thompson spent the last year researching the best salons that cater to women of color, so it's safe to say that the recommendations are well-vetted.

But wait—there's more! Once you enter your info, Swivel recommends salons and provides ratings, but the best part is that you can book your appointment straight through the app. The service is available in the NYC area as of now, but it's such a brilliant app, it's only a matter of time before Swivel takes over the hair world. Just wait and see.

Check out a preview of Swivel below, and keep scrolling to shop curly hair–approved products.




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