I Lived Like a Swiss Girl for a Week, and It Changed Everything

Traveling used to overwhelm me: the idea of spending a lot of money, stressing out over an itinerary, figuring out transportation—the works. But now all those things thrill me; I feel genuinely electrified each time I board a plane, riveted at the possibilities of what each new place will have in store. Such was the case when I recently went to Switzerland, a place I'd visited only once in passing during my six months abroad.

Due to its position directly in between France, Italy, and Germany, the geography of the country itself keeps Switzerland super unique. All three neighboring countries influence the culture there, allowing its residents to glide from language to language without missing a beat. It was a really beautiful thing to watch, and it made me painfully aware of my status as a monoglot. That multinational influence also lends itself to the Swiss skincare and wellness philosophies.

According to Jacqueline Hill, director of strategic innovation and science for La Prairie, "The Swiss Germans tend to be more Germanic in their habits, the Suisses Romands tend to be more Frenchified, and the people in Ticino more Italian style. But if we have to characterize the Swiss as a nation, I would say that they're both pragmatic and interested in high-quality products."