Recipe: Bikini-Friendly Sweet Potato Brownies

Are we the only ones who love sweet potatoes? Not only do they make the most delectable of sides (our recipe of choice involves baking them in a light coat of coconut oil, cinnamon, and sea salt, but the yummy root has tons of beautifying benefits to boot. It's high in vitamins, so we never feel guilty for indulging—especially when the veg is the all-star ingredient in super–drool-worthy, stealthily healthy desserts, like these brownies inspired by healthy food blogger Deliciously Ella. Watch the video, brought to you by Leaf TV, for the complete how-to. And help yourself to a second serving—your skin (and hair… and nails) will thank you!

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Will you try making these nutrient-packed brownies? What's your fave guilt-free recipe? Share below!

Promo Photo Credit: Sweet Cannela