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3-Minute Read: Are Sweatier Workouts Really More Effective?

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Does It Matter How Much You Sweat During a Workout?
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Not necessarily, at least. While it's true that getting your heart pumping will likely stimulate your body's cooling mechanism, outside conditions—like, say, a heated Bikram yoga studio—can also contribute to heavy perspiration. "Sweat is not a reliable indicator of the effectiveness of your workout," explains Exercise Physiologist Jonathan Cane to Well + Good. "It's largely influenced by the conditions in which you're exercising."

Consider, for example, someone going for a long run on a winter morning. It's cold out, so that person likely won't be dripping in sweat—but that doesn't mean they didn't burn more calories than someone in that sweaty Bikram class.

This all being said, some of us love the catharsis of sweating through a tough workout—it's a form of instant gratification; a way to know that we're putting our body through its paces. Ultimately, you do you—just know that sweat isn't always the mark of a superior workout. (And head over to Well + Good to get more details on the science behind it.)

Spoiler: Crunches just won't cut it if you're trying to work your obliques. Instead, you'll want to try some plank variations, leg lifts, and twists—and our friends at Lauren Conrad have all the pointers (and demos!) you'll need.

It's scientific fact that we sleep best at cooler temperatures, which is a cruel joke when it's the middle of July and your apartment doesn't have central air. Fortunately, cooling pillows exist—and better yet, you can Amazon Prime one to your doorstep by tomorrow morning. (What a time to be alive!) Head over to PureWow to browse the best options.

Not only are surgically enhanced dimples now a thing, but they're relatively easy to obtain: Allure reports that dimpleplasty is an outpatient procedure that takes less than 30 minutes and requires minimal downtime. (The doctor makes a tiny incision inside the mouth to attach a muscle in the cheek to the skin, creating a tiny indent.) Curious about the end result? Head over to Allure for photos.

Set a phone alert, because that's when Kim Kardashian West will (finally) be restocking her KKW Beauty Creme Contour and Highlight Kits ($48). Considering how quickly they sold out last time, we'd suggest having your wallet at the ready. (And yes, even this contour-phobe can report that the kits are pretty fantastic.)

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