This Swarovski Crystal–Covered Hair Dryer Costs $10,000

When we think of luxury hair products, we think of those priced in the hundreds. For example, we consider the T3 PROi Professional Hair Dryer ($350) to be luxurious. Expert hairstylists swear by it, the quality is amazing, and the price reflects that. (It's safe to say that $350 is a substantial amount of money to spend on a single heat tool when we have curling irons, straighteners, and more lying atop our vanities too). Even more expensive is the Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer ($399). Again, it's unique and super effective, which is why it costs almost $400.

Now companies are taking it a step further by creating totally extravagant heat tools that cost thousands of dollars. Seriously. Amika and Prête have both released heat tools—a hair straightener and a hair dryer respectively—that are completely covered in Swarovski crystals. They're opulent, extra, and basically made for the KiraKira+ app.