Beauty Instagrammers Are Obsessed With This Eyeliner—and We've Never Heard of It

What makes a quality eyeliner? Texture, pigment, and lasting wear, to name a few contributing factors—and affordability is always a plus, too. Leave it to Instagram's discerning beauty community to hunt down a formula that not only checks all those boxes, but also flies relatively under the radar to boot. Meet Suva Beauty's Hydra ($11), which might possibly be the world's most versatile eyeliner.

Available in 20 shades and a handful of different finishes, Hydra is beloved for its intense pigmentation and easy-to-apply gel formula. You can brush it on in a traditional line, or smudge it out as a colorful eye shadow—or both, as you can see above. And as of this week, it's now available at Forever 21.