This 43-Year-Old Actress Plays a 27-Year-Old on TV—Here Are Her Beauty Secrets


Amanda Montell

On the TV Land series Younger, 43-year-old actress Sutton Foster plays a 40-something book editor who's convinced all of her co-workers she's actually in her 20s in order to score a job. Foster's convincingly 27-year-old complexion isn't just TV magic: I witness firsthand proof of her age-defying visage upon meeting her at an event at JOANN—an unconventional place for a beauty event, but hey, the woman is a mom of a 1-year-old and loves to craft.

In person, Foster, who was a Tony-winning Broadway star long before making her way to the small screen, has the smooth skin and ebullient energy of someone 15 years her junior. This becomes clear as soon as I start interrogating her about the makeup and skincare she uses in order to freeze time. (Would you ever guess the woman in the photograph above was 16 years older than I am?) Both on Younger and here today at JOANN, Foster's makeup aesthetic seems impressively natural and light. So of course, I beseech her to spill every single product she and her makeup artists use to create that impression. Curious to find out how a 43-year-old pulls off looking 27 on TV? Keep scrolling to read Sutton Foster's clever beauty secrets.