12 Sustainable Denim Brands for Jeans You Can Feel Good About

Because saving the environment is always in style.

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Many brands worldwide are making an effort to become more sustainable to better our communities, our environment, and the future. We live in a world where everything has become so fast-paced and easily accessible that it's often easy to forget about the impact this has on our planet. Fast fashion, as convenient as it may be, is detrimental to our environment. To put it into perspective, it takes approximately 1,800 gallons of water to grow enough cotton to produce a single pair of denim jeans. This helps explain why fashion is responsible for 8% of carbon emissions. 

One way to avoid contributing to these harmful cycles is shopping sustainable brands that source recycled denim, implement more efficient production processes, and/or use other strategies to create your favorite pair of eco-friendly jeans. Given how denim goes with almost everything, it's a great idea to invest in some pieces that balance style and comfort with a smaller carbon footprint. Keep reading for 12 sustainable denim brands to shop now, each of which are helping to pave the way for a more environmentally-conscious fashion industry.

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DL1961 Hepburn Wide Leg High Rise Vintage
DL1961 Hepburn Wide Leg: High Rise Vintage $198.00

DL1961 Denim, a family-owned brand, has been creating denim with sustainability in mind since 2008. The team oversees the entire process, from fiber to finish, to ensure every part is following ethical practices. DL1961's denim production starts by shredding old jeans and plastic bottles into small pieces to create new yarn, resulting in jeans that take less than 10 gallons of water to make.

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Re/Done '90s Comfy Jean
Re/Done '90s Comfy Jean $275.00

Re/Done started as a brand that marketed perfectly tailored vintage Levi’s not only as a more viable option, but as an individualized experience. This approach is easier on the environment since it uses existing materials to create a range of denim that looks and feels fresh. The brand continues to offer upcycled vintage Levi’s, as well as their own styles, keeping heritage brands relevant while creating new and modern fits.

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Warp + Weft

Warp + Weft MXP Plus High Rise
Warp + Weft MXP Plus- High Rise $88.00

Warp + Weft is one of the most sustainable denim brands on the market, saving 572.4 million gallons of water and counting. Not only is the brand environmentally friendly, but it's also size-inclusive and ethically made, all at a reasonable price.

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Levi's Pleated Column Jeans
Levi's Pleated Column Jeans $75.00

Since 1853, Levi’s has been the leading manufacturer of denim in the fashion industry. Each pair of jeans is durable and only wears better with time. The brand even offers repairs or redesigns for any product to make sure it truly lasts you a lifetime. Additionally, Levi’s set a goal of using 100% sustainably sourced cotton by 2025.

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Everlane The Way-High Baggy Jean
Everlane The Way-High Baggy Jean $88.00

With a goal of transparency that makes sustainable fashion easier than ever, Everlane produces its denim and other ready-to-wear offerings in the most ethical factories around the world, only partnering with those who reach a score of 90 or above on its compliance audit. Rather than capitalizing on fleeting trends, the sustainable denim brand creates timeless pieces from materials that are made to last year after year.

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Boyish The Casey
Boyish The Casey $168.00

Aiming to provide the perfect fit, Boyish makes denim that feels like a second skin for comfortable everyday wear. With plant-based dyes, recycled cotton, and deadstock fabrics, Boyish denim is Oeko-Tex approved, which means the materials don't expose the wearer to any harmful effects.

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Reformation Joyride High-Rise Straight Jeans
Reformation Joyride High Rise Straight Jeans $188.00

Since its founding in 2009, Reformation has been creating a fashion-forward space with a focus on sustainability. And while the summer dresses are perhaps the brand's most recognizable pieces, you can also find pretty much anything on the site, including activewear, shoes, and denim. It takes time and hard work to create a sustainable brand, and Reformation strives to put its workers and team first. Carefully moving forward each step of the way, the brand plans to be climate positive by 2025, meaning processes will save more greenhouse gases than they generate.

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Kuyichi Rosa Straight
Kuyichi Rosa Straight $143.00

Established in 2001, Kuyichi is celebrating 20 years of ethical responsibility. The brand doesn't believe in seasonal collections or sales, instead sticking to consistent prices that prioritize fairness to the customer and employees alike.

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Mud Jeans Mams Tapered
Mud Jeans Mams Tapered $165.00

Mud Jeans has future generations in mind when making sustainable denim, using two main fabrics: organic cotton and recycled cotton. Jeans are one of the most polluting items in the fashion industry, and Mud offers many ways to recycle and reuse denim, from offering a leasing option to accepting old pairs to recycle into a new pieces.

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Outland Denim

Outland Denim Stevie Bootcut Jean
Outland Denim Stevie Bootcut Jean $205.00

Australian-born and ethically raised, Outland Denim is making strides in the industry by giving work to survivors of human trafficking. The sustainable denim brand provides a safe, fair-working environment for people of all backgrounds, giving back to humanity as much as it does to the planet.

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Desigual x Esteban Cortázar Cropped Denim Trucker Jacket South Beach
Desigual x Esteban Cortázar Cropped Denim Trucker Jacket South Beach $276.00

With a label that reads "Love the World," Desigual prioritizes both the joy of fashion and a sustainable ethos. The brand allows consumers to view its sustainability reports from 2018- 2020, and is making necessary changes to reduce its part in the fashion industry’s carbon footprint. Within the next three years, Desigual will be using 50% sustainable fibers.

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Ética Denim

Ética Denim Devon HIgh Rise Wide Leg Crop
Ética Denim Devon High Rise Wide Leg Crop $158.00

True to its name, LA-based brand Ética prioritizes fair labor and environmental responsibility. The style above is made with tencel, complete with biodegradable labels and packaging.

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