Sculpting, Scarring, and 9 Other Surprising Ways Botox Can Help More Than Wrinkles

According to experts.

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While I'm no stranger to Botox, my experience with injections has been limited to a single location—between my brows (to keep my "elevens" at bay). For someone in their thirties (like me) seeking Botox for cosmetic reasons, it's not uncommon to consider it exclusively for eliminating lines. In fact, board-certified dermatologist Dr. Morgan Rabach, of LM Medical in New York, says a whopping 90 percent of Botox treatments are used between the eyebrows, on the forehead, and to address crow's feet. That said, about five to 10 percent of Botox treatments target unexpected areas, many times for reasons beyond wrinkles.

We reached out to Rabach and two other dermatologists to have them reveal the many more (unusual) ways Botox can be used. The treatments range from addressing common ailments to ones you've probably never thought of in the first place. "I have heard of people getting 'scrotox,' which is Botox in the scrotum for sweating and to smooth out wrinkles," admits Rabach. Keep scrolling to read up on all of the surprising ways Botox can be used.

Meet the Expert

Dr. Morgan Rabach is a board-certified Dermatologist with expertise in cosmetic procedures such as neuromodulators and dermal fillers. In addition to her private practice, she is a Clinical Instructor in the Department of Dermatology at Mount Sinai Hospital.

To combat teeth grinding

"I recommend injecting Botox into the masseter muscle," says Lisa Goodman, an injection specialist and founder of GoodSkin Los Angeles. "A lot of people think mouth guards help, but these only protect against your teeth." Botox works to relieve that jaw tension and pain, she explains. It can eliminate headaches, teeth grinding, and lockjaw by relaxing the muscle that unconsciously creates such stress. This will keep your jaw muscles from looking defined and your jaw from seeming wider.

Meet the Expert

Lisa Goodman is an injection specialist based in Los Angeles and the founder of GoodSkin Los Angeles. Goodman spent a decade as a PA alongside some of the country’s most celebrated cosmetic surgeons, including AVA MD founder and celebrity favorite Dr. Shamban. Her diagnostic approach, which encompasses medical and lifestyle history, as well as studying the patient’s family members to determine the patients aging process, has gained her press and notoriety nation-wide.

To widen the eyes

Board-certified dermatologist Ainah Tan, MD, FAAD, says she loves using Botox for the lower eyelid to widen the eyes. She notes this treatment can be helpful for those who have lower eyelid wrinkles as well.


To sculpt the calf muscles

Using the same principle as thinning the facial muscles, Peter Hashim, MD, MHS, a New York City-based dermatologist explains that the calf muscles can also be sculpted with Botox.

To reshape the nose

Botox can be used to delicately shape the face—raising the brows or edges of the mouth—and it can even be used to help adjust the shape of the nose without surgery. Rabach uses Botox on the columella—the bridge of tissue that links the nasal tip to the nasal base—to make the tip of the nose flip up.

To tighten the neck

One of the first signs of aging is the neck. "Botox can be used in the bands of the neck to smooth and tighten the neck in a nonsurgical way," states Rabach. "We recommend this for patients who see neck 'bands.'"

To reduce "smoker's lines"

Another sign of aging is the thinning of the lips, which can be exacerbated if you're a smoker. Rabach says Botox can tackle said "smoker's lines," leaving you with smoother lips that will appear more youthful.

ucommon uses for botox

To reduce excessive sweating

"We use Botox on the hands and feet for excessive sweating," notes Rabach, speaking to a phenomenon called hyperhidrosis. "This is great for patients who feel sweating has interfered with their normal daily activities, such as shaking hands." It can also address sweating in the scalp and forehead. It can even be used in the perineal or buttocks for sweating along the crease in your pants.

To prevent scar stretching

"If we remove a mole, for example, on the forehead, we will put Botox around it to reduce stretching the scar as it heals," says Rabach. Hashim explains that the Botox creates less pull on the scar from the muscles.

To smooth the chin

Rabach also uses Botox on the chin for "peau d'orange" wrinkles. "For people who have a 'dimpled" chin,' Botox is great to relax those muscles and make them look less like a raisin," notes Tan.

To reduce "bunny lines"

Tan also loves using Botox for "bunny lines"—the wrinkles on the sides of cheeks and on the nose—for people who crinkle their nose when laughing or smiling deeply. While age is the number one cause of bunny lines, it is believed that these wrinkles can also be a result of Botox from overusing certain facial muscles when others become less mobile. It is important to seek a professional provider who is well trained to administer Botox in a thoughtful way that takes this balance and your unique face shape and muscle usage into account.

Here are five things to know before making your first Botox appointment.

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