7 Unusual Makeup Tricks That Deliver Major Results



Have you ever watched a friend put on her makeup from start to finish? We have (not in a creepy way or anything), and we highly recommend it. Occasionally there are parts of her routine where you see something go so wrong you feel it’s your friendly duty to step in and say, “Psst, girl, that’s not the way it’s done.” But other times you may see a technique so unusual—a step you’ve never thought to include in your beauty routine—that you simply must inquire as to what it is.

That’s exactly what we’re talking about today. Here, we’ve rounded up seven out-of-the-box tricks we either get asked about all the time or have asked someone else about. What’s great about these tips is that they are super simple (as in, literally anyone can do them), but they truly make all the difference in how your makeup looks. Curious? Scroll through for our most unusual yet effective makeup techniques!