9 Surprising Beauty Mistakes Even Makeup Artists Make


Urban Outfitters

They say a beauty junkie who hasn't had at least one or two major makeup fails in her life is no beauty junkie at all. (At least I think they say that?) The point is, we've all had our trysts with the classic makeup errors, like choosing foundation that's too dark and failing to blot. 

You may think all your worst makeup mistakes are behind you. But according to industry insiders, that might not be the case. We spoke to celebrity makeup artist Brittany Spyksma and Viviana Martin, Director of Global Artistry and Pro-Artist Relations for Kevyn Aucoin. They gave us the skinny on the insidious makeup errors that even the most committed beauty connoisseurs—even professional makeup artists—are known to make. Are you guilty of these under-the-radar makeup mistakes? To find out, keep reading.