7 Supplements for Beating Jet Lag Everyone Should Travel With

If you ask me, traveling as much as possible equates to living your fullest life. Who doesn't want to see the world every chance they get? But as we've heard time and again, nothing in life is free and everything comes with a cost. Insert jet lag, something that practically everyone deals with at some point in their lives. Chances are you're very familiar with this term but just in case you need a refresher, here's the basis of jet lag: "Jet lag may occur any time we travel and cross two or more time zones," Golan Raz, head of global health division at Lycored, explains. "The physical experience when jet lag occurs is the result of a disturbance in the body's internal clock or circadian rhythms, which regulates our sleep-wake cycle out of sync with the time zone in our new destination." Essentially, when you fly across the country, your body takes a little while to catch up and gets all confused on when it's time to rest.

Instead of immediately crashing from exhaustion and missing out on a fun day of travel when you get to your destination, there are ways to trick jet lag into being on your side. Thankfully, the ever-growing world of health and nutrition can save your day with supplements for jet lag that will magically make you feel like you slept for a day. "There are ways that may minimize the effect of traveling across multiple time zones," Raz confirms. "These include a specific nutrition regime, possible physical exercise, and the consumption of specific dietary supplements." Along with Raz, we reached out to the best experts on supplements to share the ingredients and vitamins they reach for when they feel jet lag creeping in. Read on for the best supplements for jet lag, and be sure to pack these in your carry-on during your next flight.