These Supplements Are Designed to Help Manage Birth Control Side Effects

Even created supplements to mitigate the side effects of essential medications.



It’s no secret that even life-saving medications have side effects. From fatigue to acne, essential treatments, like hormonal birth control, for example, come with their fair share of changes to your body and mind. And while being aware of potential outcomes is an easy first step to ensuring you’re getting the care you need, finding ways to manage said side effects can sometimes be a process of trial and error.

New wellness start-up Even wants to help provide a potential solution. They’ve developed a line of medical research-backed supplements to help consumers mitigate potential side effects of antidepressants, birth control, and statins related to nutrient deficiencies.

Nutrient Deficiencies Can Compound Side Effects

That’s right, nutrient deficiencies. According to Even’s co-founder and CEO Sarah Morgan, who holds a Masters in Clinical Nutrition, several side effects to antidepressants, birth control, and statins are augmented and made worse by a lack of complete nutrition. “In my 13 years of working with patients, I heard the same side effects over and over from patients using certain medications,” said Morgan. 

Even supplements


“Once I looked into their bloodwork, a pattern emerged: the same glaring nutrient depletions and biochemical imbalances appeared in patients using the same medications. We’ve heard the patients, done the research, and put in the work knowing millions of people can take the medications they need while avoiding nutrient depletion and corresponding symptoms,” she explains.

Focusing on Commonly-Prescribed Medications

Prescriptions like birth control and antidepressants are currently prescribed to target a vast number of issues and disorders. Birth control, for example, can be used to treat issues ranging from avoiding pregnancy to conditions like endometriosis—and antidepressants are prescribed for anything from bedwetting to post-traumatic stress disorder. So it’s no secret that side effects are a wide-reaching concern. 

“The genesis of Even started with my own personal experience with side effects of my medication,” Morgan said in an exclusive statement to Byrdie. “I started birth control in my early 20’s and quickly felt moody and just not myself. So I went to my most trusted advisors, my girlfriends on the pill, and asked them if they had any issues. They all smiled and said, ‘Sarah, welcome to the club of depression, anxiety, headaches, fatigue, breakouts, weight gain, and low libido. Isn’t it fun?!’ I laughed on the outside, but inside I knew there had to be a better way.”

About the Formula

Designed by a team of physicians, nutritionists, and pharmacists, the brand seeks to restore nutritional balances that can worsen the side effects of medication with supplements. And while they don’t have a proprietary blend for every prescription, they do offer supplements for many commonly prescribed medications like antidepressants, birth control, and statins.

Even’s nutrient supplements are vegan, and they contain compounds like vitamin B, minerals, and mitochondrial antioxidants, and they’re delivered in a 100% aluminum canister. They cost $40 a month or $35 a month with a three-month subscription.

As with any dietary supplements, Byrdie recommends consulting with your doctor or registered dietitian to make sure that you’re safe from potential reactions or prescription-weakening effects. 

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