The Supermodel Side Part Will Unleash Your Inner Cindy Crawford

Time to pump up the volume.

Zoey Deutsch supermodel side part hair


We all love au naturel, just woke up like this hair. (Especially when you actually did wake up like that and can save time and effort on styling.) But when you really want to turn heads, it’s time to pull out the stops and try the supermodel side part. Think a deep side part with mega volume, loads of body and soft bends in the hair for that bombshell vibe. The muses? The 90’s supermodels, naturally. 

“The supermodel side part is trending because it’s the ultimate sexy, bouncy blowout and everyone loves volume,” says celebrity hairstylist Bobby Eliot. “Cindy Crawford and Claudia Schiffer to me really owned that classic 90’s side part hair. Voluminous and bouncy is how I would describe this hair look.”  

Read on for everything you need to know to get the supermodel side part just right.

Where You’ve Seen It

“This look has made its comeback over the last few years,” says celebrity hairstylist Adam Maclay. “I feel it’s been a journey away from the undone natural hairstyles we’ve been sporting the last few years. This style shows you take pride in your appearance and put forth effort. I shot a cover for Bode Magazine in 2021 featuring this look. Platforms like TikTok and Instagram have lots of talent creating videos of how to create the look, which has caused a spike in the trend.” Plus, he adds that several celebs and models have recently been spotted on the red carpet with this hairstyle—which makes sense, since it pairs 2021's fluffy blowout trend with 2022's side part comeback.

Who It Works On

One of the best things about the supermodel side part is that this hairstyle can be worn by pretty much everyone. “Because of the way the volume falls around the face it’s suited for all face shapes,” Eliot says. “It’s extremely flattering! This hair is best suited for someone with a good amount of hair with a slight wave. For someone with extremely fine hair, it’s going to be hard to get the effect of the luxe bounce. If you have access to extensions, you can play with them and achieve more volume.” 

Those with fine or thin hair will need to set the curl tighter (using a smaller barrel) so that as you brush the hair out it’ll drop to the desired look, advises Maclay. “It doesn’t work for individuals with weak hairlines in the front at the corners (recession hairlines),” he says. “If you have a more round face a soft fringe can help frame your face.” 

How to Get the Supermodel Side Part

Maclay shares step-by-step tips for getting the supermodel side part trend.

Step 1

“I love to begin this style with the Rene Furterer STYLE Sculpting Mousse ($32), applying it to damp hair from roots to ends,” says Maclay, who works with the brand. 

Step 2

Using a ¾-inch round brush, begin to blow dry, rolling the hair under onto the brush. Begin on the top of your head and sides (it’s where the volume level hits most). Once you’ve dried the section, either use a roller or your fingers to roll the hair onto itself and set the hair in place to cool. 

Step 3

When the blowout is finished, take each section down one at a time and apply Rene Furterer STYLE Finishing Spray ($34). 

Step 4

“After applying hairspray I like to go in with the Rene Furterer STYLE Texture Spray ($18) and focus the applications at the roots,” Maclay says. “I gently tease the root before using a one-inch curling iron to re-curl the section, then reset it again to cool. This ensures the style and volume will last all day.” 

Step 5

“My favorite park of this look is the brush out,” Maclay says. Working from the bottom to the top of your head, take each section down one at a time and brush the set with a boar bristle brush. After you’ve gently brushed out the hair (avoiding the roots so as to not lose your volume) use a wide tooth comb to back comb the set to get even more volume.

Step 6

“I love to finish with more Rene Furterer STYLE Finishing Spray ($34) and a bit of the Rene Furterer STYLE Shine Mist ($34) to create a glossy looking 90’s supermodel style,” Maclay says. 

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