Supergoop's Newest Launch is Golden Hour in a Bottle

Perfect for summer.

supergoop glow screen in golden hour


If you had told me five years ago that I'd religiously skip foundation and go bare-faced with sunscreen only, I would call you a liar. See, my skin and I have gone through a vicious cycle of acne, hyperpigmentation, and clear spurts for years. After countless products and appointments with dermatologists, the transition from spotty to semi-clear skin was thanks to three solutions: treating my acne first, staying consistent with a dermatologist-approved regimen, and wearing sunscreen. 

The latter has been an uphill battle, given the number of non-flattering formulas for brown skin. I've gone through tons of tubes, trial, and error, and years into my diligent skincare journey, I've used a handful of sunscreens I actually love putting on, making protecting my skin easy. At the top of my ranks is Supergoop Glow Screen ($36).

I've tried a handful of Supergoop formulas before the glowy SPF launched. For a while, Superscreen ($42) was my jam. I've also dabbled in the brand's Unseen formula but was never too fond of mattifying textures. Still, when Glow Screen fell into my lap, it was like the sunscreen gods answered all of my prayers. 

supergoop glow screen golden hour
Supergoop Golden Hour Glow Screen $36.00

I got into a committed relationship with the launch early in the pandemic when I started working remotely. Gone were my desires to hide my dark spots with a full coverage foundation. Instead, I just wanted to focus on protecting my skin and treating my concerns. Luckily, Glow Screen delivered all that and made my skin look super radiant. Suddenly, I went from the girl with the full face of cake to a bare-faced glowy glazed-donut person—dark spots and all. I was obsessed with how the formula made my skin look which, in turn, made me more confident even with imperfections.

I wear Glow Screen daily, even when I'm not leaving the house. Can you tell that it's my favorite sunscreen? So when the brand announced a new shade in the collection, I was hype. Here's the rundown:

The Formula

Supergoop is adding a new hue fittingly called Golden Hour to its lineup. It has the same hydrating, liquid illuminating benefits of the OG shade (now called Sunrise) but in a bronzier hue. It's is perfect for warmer skin tones or if you get a few shades darker come summertime (like me). The SPF 40 has hyaluronic acid, lavender, and cocoa peptides to protect and hydrate your skin. It also serves as a nice base for makeup. 

The Finish

byrdie editor aimee simeon wearing supergoop golden hour

Aimee Simeon

Here's a look at my bare skin with Supergoop's Golden Hour Glow Screen.

I loved the Sunrise hue but love that Golden Hour is even closer to my complexion. I've been using it for weeks now, and love that the shade enhances my skin without covering it up. It's also more flattering for the summer months when I tend to get darker. Like Sunrise, this new Glow Screen shade is perfect for no-makeup days when your skin needs a radiance boost. I usually just sweep on some brows, and a lip balm and I'm out the door.

Final Takeaway

Seeing the brand expand its Glow Screen offerings made me really happy. Finding a flattering sunscreen for brown skin is a challenge, so having an option that protects and enhances even more incentive to protect your skin. I hope this isn't the last of the Glow Screen expansion, as the lineup can benefit from an even deeper shade to blend in more seamlessly with rich complexions. Still, if you're in the market for a protective product that won't make you look dull or greasy, Golden Hour is your girl.

The product is available to add to your collection now at and

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