The Skincare Secret This Trendsetter Swears By

Pick up your phone, do a quick scroll through your Instagram feed, and tell us what you see. Avocado toast? Memes? Puppies? Yep, us too. But once in a while we come across an It girl who stops us dead in our tracks—we can’t pinpoint quite what it is that makes her stand out, and that keeps us hooked. We’re inspired by the vibe she puts out, her glowing skin, and her on-the-go (yet somehow incredibly healthy) lifestyle. And we want her secrets.

Wellness influencer Chinae Alexander is one of those women. And when we tapped her to share her go-tos, we were more than a bit surprised to discover they all revolve around one super ingredient: mushrooms. That’s right: fungus. “I think a lot of people see mushrooms as a filler food, but the benefits go beyond just incorporating them into your meals,” Alexander tells us. Skeptical? Read on to learn how you too can harness the power of ’shrooms, starting with Origins’ Dr. Andrew Weil Mega-Mushroom line.