Do Superfood Powders Make You Superhuman? We Investigate

There used to be a time when the word "superfood" wasn't a part of our collective consciousness. If you ordered an açaí and goji berry smoothie with a sprinkling of maca powder, people would stare at you speechless and mystified. ("Um… We don't have that.") Nowadays, kale and quinoa are as common as bread and butter—and we love it. Introducing nutrient-dense foods to our diet will only result in healthier selves.

But you don't actually have to eat them; you can drink them, too. That's right, the buzziest way to get your superfood fix is to sprinkle powdered versions of these plants (like the aforementioned maca powder) into drinks like juices, smoothies, coffee, and tea. Take it from registered dietitian and nutritionist Lauren O'Connor. "These powders contain specific nutrients that are meant to help balance our bodies for optimal function and stamina, and can add to our overall nutritional needs."

Keep reading to learn more about superfood powders, including the different kinds, what they do, and which ones are expert-recommended.