Solara Suncare's New Sunscreen Serum Will "Future Proof" Your Skin

Your future skin will thank you.

Solara Suncare Sunscreen Serum

Solara Suncare

Sunscreen is an absolute must now that beach season is in full swing. If you're new to sun protection and unfamiliar with the various SPF options available, finding the right formula for your skin can be challenging. Chemical vs. mineral, invisible dry down, dewy finishes, and tinted alternatives are all possibilities thanks to a slew of new products that have hit the market in recent years. While there's probably still a lot to learn about suncare, everyone can agree that regular SPF is a non-negotiable for skin health, anti-aging, and a host of other skincare benefits.

One such suncare innovation comes from Solara Suncare. The brand, which was launched with sensitive skin in mind, brings ease to your suncare routine by combining SPF formulas with skincare benefits. With a lineup that includes pretty much every sunscreen iteration under the sun, it was hard to believe there was any SPF formula left to conquer. But, after two years of development, the brand is bringing that lit-from-within glow with its latest drop: Fortune Teller Brightening Sunscreen Serum ($64). 

“We have an amazing, engaged community that actively shares with us what they want to see next and what they believe is missing from the market,” says Stephanie DiPisa, founder of Solara Suncare, about the inspiration behind the brightening sunscreen. 

Read on to learn more about the new sunscreen serum, its formula, and DiPisa’s key application tips.

Fortune Teller Brightening Sunscreen Serum
Solara Suncare Fortune Teller Brightening Sunscreen Serum $64.00

The Inspiration

Solara Suncare's mission is to integrate skincare and suncare for sensitive skin. So, when its community asked for a blurring and brightening sunscreen without any irritating side effects, the team listened carefully. “We heard time and again that layering [so many] products under and/or over sunscreen was causing unwanted effects like irritation, pilling, the dreaded ‘crease settling’ and an overall unwanted heavy, goopy feeling on the skin.”

The team carefully gathered information to nail down exactly what the community wanted: a lightweight SPF with Vitamin C that is good for sensitive skin and has a subtle blurring tint (without looking or feeling like makeup).

“We pulled together this wish list and set out to create a mineral-only product to solve these needs—that's where Fortune Teller was born,” DiPisa explains. She also mentions that the community contributed to the packaging by providing suggestions via social media. “Every so often when a tough decision arose, we'd poll our social community for their opinion, and their answers helped inform our choices!”

The Formula

The gel-to-milk SPF serum promises to moisturize, brighten, and adapt to your natural hue with light-touch iron oxides and mica to counteract the white cast, making it suited for all skin tones. “It's our responsibility as a brand to always continue to find new ways—through a mix of art and science—to offer clean, mineral sunscreen options to more people,” DiPisa shares on the adaptive technology. 

Aside from the brightening and moisturizing properties, it also protects against inflammatory environmental pollutants, blue light, and future harm such as hyperpigmentation and premature skin aging. According to DiPisa, this inspired the fortune teller aspect of the product. “This product helps ‘future proof’ your skin, so in brainstorming things that help predict the future, we came up with the Fortune Teller [theme]!”

She continues, “While our formulas are very sophisticated and serious, as a sunscreen brand we love to be playful.”

The SPF serum also aids in immediate and long-term skincare. “I believe adaptogens are plant magic actives that not only have proven defense boosting benefits in supplement form, but also proven results topically that are important to the defense, free-radical fighting, as well as other skincare benefits like those in our vitamin C-rich Amla,” DiPisa explains. "Your future skin will thank you." 

It has a silky-dewy texture that effectively grips makeup and can be used as a primer.

  • Let it sink in: "Allow a minute or two for mineral sunscreen to melt into your skin after application. It works by sitting on the surface and needs time to settle," explains DiPisa.
  • Apply the proper amount: "Sunscreen in makeup does not count towards this unless you use the 1/2 teaspoon amount recommended by experts," says DiPisa.
  • Use daily (and reapply often): "You should use sunscreen on a daily basis to protect your skin, whether you're indoors or outside in the sun. Remember to reapply every two hours, as dermatologists recommend," shares DiPisa.
  • Don't forget your lips: "Don't forget to use a lip balm with SPF. Your lips are just as vulnerable to sun damage as the rest of your face, and they need to be protected as well," recommends DiPisa.

My Review

After nearly two years of self-isolation, I'm out and about more than ever, which means SPF is a must-have in my beauty routine. Sunscreen has surely assisted me in avoiding harmful UV rays and maintaining youthful-looking skin (which I will treasure even more in the future). On hot days when I don't want to complete my makeup regimen, I like to wear sunscreen with a luminous effect. 

During a day out, I decided to give Solara Suncare's Fortune Teller SPF Serum a try. When I keep my beauty routine simple, I found that it delivered on the natural, lit-from-within glow I look for in a sunscreen. The product melted into my skin like butter and didn't leave my brown skin with the dreaded white cast.

I also enjoy that it is a two-in-one solution, which means I don't have to worry about layering several skincare products on my face. My skin was as protected as it could be after four hours of running errands, wandering the avenue, eating lunch, and reapplying (of course!). It's a winner in my book. - Emerald Elitou, News Writer

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