This Product Is Secretly Making You Look Younger, Says Science


Everyone knows how essential sunscreen is, even in cloudy weather or during the colder months. Wearing it is practically beauty (and health) law, second only perhaps to drinking enough water. But because everyday protection doesn’t exactly yield immediate, visible results—and we live in an impatient society that can’t settle for anything less than 4G internet— here’s another reason to slather on your SPF 30 all day, every day. While we already knew that sunscreen helps prevent aging (I mean, duh), new research shows that it can actually reverse the clock on your skin.

In a study sponsored by the Johnson & Johnson’s Skin Research Center, participants who applied SPF 30 moisturizer on the daily for a year saw significant improvements in hyperpigmentation, texture, and skin clarity. And if you’re wondering how a sunscreen is casually able to compete with high-end formulas specifically dedicated to anti-aging, here's your answer: “It has to do with skin’s innate regenerative properties,” dermatologist Steven Wang explains to Allure. “We know that skin turns over every 28 days. By preventing the continual accumulation of more and more damage, we allow the skin to heal on its own.” Basically, when the burden of defending itself from UV exposure and repairing damage is lifted, your skin can focus on looking its absolute best.

It’s yet another reason SPF should be non-negotiable in your routine—and while any formula will help, there are a handful of products that do some additional heavy lifting. Shop some of our favorites below.