Sunnies Face Carves Space in the U.S. Makeup Market for Filipino Beauty

Fluffmatte and Lip Treat are finally stateside.

sunnies face fluffmatte in nude on model

Sunnies Face / Byrdie

Sunnies Face is finally here in the U.S. Maybe you heard the news on the brand’s Instagram. Perhaps friends and family texted you messages about the launch followed by party popper emojis. (Just me?) Whatever the case, the brand's long-awaited official launch in the U.S. finally took place on May 16.

As a Filipina American, this is an especially exciting launch. Let me explain: In 2018, I read a feature about the Filipina-founded brand, which at the time, was touted for having one SKU, Fluffmatte, a line of “universally flattering” lipsticks. Saying a product is “universally flattering” didn’t mean much to me, as I often found that products with that claim did not, in fact, flatter my medium-tan skin tone with green undertones. This lipstick, however, was different. 

sunnies face in major on three skin tones

Sunnies Face

Seeing images of its shade range—which features warm reds, pinks, and “nudes” that might actually pass as nude on my complexion—made me feel like this brand was creating something just for me. This was also thrilling because the lipsticks were born in a country with beauty standards that elevate lighter skin tones, making me feel like my skin color wasn’t appealing enough at a young age. Sunnies Face made me feel especially seen. The problem: It was only available in the Philippines and slowly rolling out in Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia—until now.

The U.S. launch shows that Filipino Beauty—which has always existed—can shake up the beauty industry.

The U.S. launch shows that Filipino Beauty—which has always existed—can shake up the beauty industry. Fluffmatte's unique matte formula, flattering hues, and elevated packaging design were coveted by celebrity and editorial makeup artists (including Pati Dubroff, Katie Jane Hughes, and more), beauty editors, and lipstick lovers globally. Its first product to come stateside is, you guessed it, Fluffmatte. “Our followers across social media have been asking us for years to bring Sunnies Face to America—it has been a long time coming,” says co-founder Martine Ho. “I am Filipino-American and seeing a homegrown brand from the Philippines being celebrated in the US fills me with so much pride.”

As for the rest of the brand’s SKUs, Ho says that we won’t have to wait long until they arrive in the U.S. “More products will be arriving in the coming weeks and months,” she says. “All SKUs will be available in 2023.” In fact, as of July 18, the brand's Lip Treat tinted lip balm has joined the stateside lineup, giving us a nourishing, buttery formula in some of Sunnies' best shades.

Ahead, read our review of Fluffmatte, as well as some of the brand’s bestselling products.

Sunnies Face Fluffmatte

Sunnies Face Fluffmatte
Sunnies Face Fluffmatte $20.00

I don't have particularly dry lips but have always been averse to matte lipsticks because of how many of them can leave lips feeling dry or uncomfortable during or after wear. With Fluffmatte's comfortable-wearing formula, no one has to worry about experiencing that feeling. It glides on creamy but has a matte finish and deposits rich, even color in just one sweep. All of its shades do prove flattering, but my favorite is Baked, the warm terracotta hue pictured below.

sunnies face fluffmatte in baked on editor jesa calaor

Sunnies Face Airblush

sunnies face airblush in moon

Sunnies Face

Sunnies Face's Airblush is a cream formula that deposits a subtle color on cheeks. It's easy to blend and layers to give complexion color and warmth.

Sunnies Face Lip Treat

Sunnies Face Lip Treat Tinted Lip Balm in Girl Crush
Sunnies Face Lip Treat Tinted Lip Balm $16.00

Lip gloss is fun, but this is a treat. Sunnies Face Lip Treat is a glossy balm with a buttery texture that gives lips a juicy shine.

Sunnies Face Lashlift

sunnies face lashlift

Sunnies Face

Lashlift—housed in its elegant packaging the brand asked its fans to pick on social media—is a tubing mascara that you can expect to lengthen and separate lashes in just a few sweeps.

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