Watch: Celeb Hairstylist Sunnie Brook Uses This Genius Hack to Get Perfect Waves

Updated 02/12/18

Celeb hairstylist Sunnie Brook is a master of all things polished and elegant, whether she's creating a sleek side-parted updo on Allison Williams or a modern middle-parted ponytail on Hailey Baldwin. (Sidenote: Check out her Instagram to see snaps from her other celeb clients. Any one of them is sure to inspire you to switch up your everyday hairstyle.) Here, she walks us through a hair tutorial, demonstrating exactly how she creates polished waves like the ones she created for Sophia Bush. All you'll need is a curling iron, hair spray, and hair clips (some extensions, too, if you think they're necessary).

Watch out for her genius tips and tricks, like how she runs a section of hair over the iron before actually curling it—you'll see why. She's also sure to pin the curls up as soon as they've been formed, in order to seal in their shape for all-night wear. Her interesting hacks don't stop there. For hair prep, she mists hair spray throughout her strands before doing anything else. Just like how she pins the curls, it's a way to ensure hold and longevity. Brilliant, right? To see the whole tutorial, watch the video.

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