Hairstylist Sunnie Brook Shares Her Top 5 Products (Including an $8 Shampoo)

Sunnie Brook is a hairstylist to the stars. She's worked with perfectly coiffed celebs like Allison Williams, Hari Nef, Sophia Bush, and Hailey Baldwin. Whether she's styling sleek middle-parted ponytails or tousled updos (like this stunning high bun on Baldwin), she always keeps an air of effortlessness and elegance in the look.

You might recognize her from her own golden blonde hair, which we think suits her first name well. Just like her clients', her own locks never cease to look polished. That's why we were excited to hear her dish on her five favorite beauty products that she's ever discovered. From an $8 shampoo and conditioner that you can find at the drugstore to a luxuriously moisturizing hair and body oil and a chic hairpin, watch the video to see her walk us through all five.

Head & Shoulders Smooth and Silky Shampoo $8

"I absolutely love this product because it gives me 24 hours of no frizz and it allows me to have smooth hair without adding serums or creams into my styling routine. It keeps my scalp healthy but also my hair very manageable, shiny, and frizz-free." The shampoo goes hand-in-hand with the Head & Shoulders Smooth and Silky Conditioner ($6).

Reed Clarke Gold 4 Inch Hair Pin $42

"Next on my list is this really cool hairpin from my friend Fiona Stiles—who's also a celebrity makeup artist—she designed it, and she has an online shop called Reed Clarke. This is an exclusive, so you guys get a first sneak peek at this hot pink, but it also comes in gold. It's a large hairpin, and I like to use this to create knots in my hair and hold them in place. It holds really thick, long hair. If you have a braid you want to put your hair in, it's a great way to update your go-to look of a braid or a bun without having to use any elastics."

Brett Brow Arch-Control Gel $18

"This is kind of a cool one from a makeup artist. Brett Brow has this brow brush, and I actually use this for hair on my clients. It comes with two little sides. One is just a brush, and I use this for flyaways around the face, so when I do an updo look, I need to control frizzies, or maybe I need to play up frizzies around the hairline. But on the other side, it has the perfect formula. Normally what I would have to do is get a brush and some gel and put those two together, but he's already done it for me. This has the formulation in it already, the perfect setting lotion, and it's easy for little touch-ups on the go. So you can use it on your brows and you can also use it on your hairline for those little fuzzy bears around your hairline that you probably complain about but you could embrace."

Huile Secret De Beauté
Leonor Greyl Huile Secret de Beauté $66

"Next on the list is this luxurious hair and body oil from Leonor Greyl. How beautiful is this bottle? I love having this one my shelf, but more so, it does two things in one. You can use it on your hair as a leave-in treatment, and you can also use it on your body to hydrate. It's my go-to when I travel. I bring it with me wherever I go—when I lay by the pool, when I surf at the beach—I can put it in my ends as soon as I get out of the water and hydrate them. I can put it on my body and stay hydrated—very luxurious and a must, must-have. Who doesn't want this?"

Hairdo Invisible Extension $79

"And then last but not least is one of my little favorite tricks. When working with celebrities, often I use hair extensions to get them their glamorous looks on the red carpet, but the thing that's hard is when my clients who sit in my chair at the salon want to go home and re-create those looks. They have a challenge of doing that on themselves, so I love to suggest this HairUWear. It's one piece that goes easily onto your hair."

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