I Tried Sundots, SPF Gummies You Eat for Sun Protection

When I first heard about the ingestible SPF gummy that promises to protect your skin against sunburn and UV damage from the inside out, I was immediately so obsessed with the idea that I didn't even have time to be skeptical—at least not right away. Sundots, a company that funded production for its chewable sunscreen supplement on the crowdfunding site Indiegogo and officially launched online last month, makes the argument that topical sunscreen is not enough. Personally, I'm wont to believe them. "Research consistently shows that while sunscreen is essential to quality sun protection, it often doesn't get applied or reapplied correctly, lets through too much skin-aging UVA radiation, and oftentimes just doesn't have the SPF claimed on the label," the brand claims. The gummy is like a backup for when you miss a spot with your sunscreen, fail to reapply, or forget to pack your sunhat for a day at the beach. As the brand's website puts it, "Sundots fill the gaps when other products let us down."

To get the most protection possible, Sundots recommends taking one gummy every day (or twice a day if it's really sunny out), in addition to applying sunscreen and as many other protective measures as you want or can manage, like UPF clothing. The gummy is vegan, non-GMO, and made in the USA with organic ingredients. Again, it sounded too good to be true. But is ingestible SPF really the sunscreen of the future? I got my hands on a bottle of SPF gummies (and a few opinions from experts) to find out.

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