Sunday ll Sunday Is The Key To Reviving My Curls Between Workouts

The perfect kit to refresh your hair between workouts.

Sunday II Sunday Moisture Balance Kit

Sunday II Sunday

As much I dread getting out of bed to break a sweat—I have to admit—there's nothing like a good workout session. Whether you love super-sweaty high interval training, boxing to relieve stress, or a deep stretch with yoga, working out is therapeutic. A post-workout routine to decompress is equally important. For most people, after-workout rituals include hopping in the sauna, using a foam roller for a massage, or using CBD in sore muscles. If you have natural hair, that after-care process may be different.

Workouts sessions can be brutal on your curls, leaving product buildup, itchy scalp, frizz, time dedicated to replenishing and restyling your hair. I, personally, sweat a lot when I exercise. So, even if I've had the best wash day, it can be frustrating putting in effort only to sweat out my style. Some people end up choosing between working out and preserving their hair for this exact reason. Luckily, I've discovered Sunday II Sunday, a brand made especially for curing my workout woes, so I don't have to choose between the health of my hair and moving my body.

Sunday II Sunday Moisture And Balance Collection

BEST FOR: Active people with all hair types—especially naturally curly textures.

USES: The kit includes a moisturizing spray, two scalp serums, and micellar rinse.

PRICE: $118

ABOUT THE BRAND: Sunday II Sunday launched in May 2020 with a line of products catered to people with textured hair and active lifestyles. The product lineup is cruelty-free, vegan, gluten-free, and infused nourishing ingredients to assist with scalp health and style refreshing.

The Kit

Sunday II Sunday Moisture Balance Kit

Sunday II Sunday

I used the signature “Moisture and Balance Collection,” which is designed to foster a healthier scalp in 28 days using four different products. Each product in the kit is formulated to help with unwanted moisture and hair maintenance between wash days. Ahead, I break down the details of each product and how it worked with my curls.

The Product: Revive Me Daily Moisturizing Spray

Sunday II Sunday Revive Me Daily Moisturizing Spray

Sunday II Sunday

This lightweight curl reviving spray is meant to help your curls bounce back from an intense workout. It's formulated with Argan oil, green tea extract, and tea tree oil to fight frizz and keep refresh curls between washes. You can use it daily to soothe an itchy scalp and gradually improve scalp help over time. 

This product was my favorite in the collection. It was lightly scented, so it didn't feel overpowering when it was time to refresh my hair. A decent spritz gave my curls a much-needed boosed of moisture that I need during the summer months, especially. Some refreshing mists can leave behind a tacky texture, but I loved that this one didn't. I also didn't experience any clumping or unwanted residue when the mist dried. Instead, my curls were lightly defined, refreshed, and moisturized. 

The Product: Edge Flourish Daily Nourishing Serum

Sunday II Sunday Edge Flourish Daily Nourishing Serum

Sunday II Sunday

This product specifically targets edges, one of the most delicate areas of the scalp. The bottle has a sleek nozzle-tip design that releases the lightweight formula that doesn't flake when it dries down. The formula is packed with nourishing ingredients and essential oils to support moisture and stronger edges.

I enjoyed using this product, but I used it sparingly. The texture is on the thick side, but it absorbed nicely into my scalp. I loved that my baby hairs were soft and smooth after using this since they can be a bit unruly between wash days. I don't use this daily but integrate it into my routine as needed. I will say it was a lifesaver when I wore a protective style on vacation, and it gave a lot of relief from an itchy scalp.

The Product: Soothe Me Daily Scalp Serum

Sunday II Sunday Daily Scalp Serum

Sunday II Sunday

Inside this sleek bottle lives a soothing serum designed to relieve itchiness and inflammation, which can occur between wash days. The hallmark ingredient of this product is peppermint oil and extract, which has a cooling effect that eases discomfort instantly. You can apply it before or after workouts or when you have tension from a tight style.

My scalp is primarily dry, and it's usually the place that needs the most love after a workout. I make sure to generously squeeze this serum all over my scalp and massage it in. I loved the peppermint scent and cooling sensation that I get when I put this on my skin. The consistency is slippery, so I recommend taking your time to apply precisely not to waste the product.

The Product: Root Refresh Micellar Rinse

Sunday II Sunday Root Refresh

Sunday II Sunday

Sunday II Sunday designed this mist to reduce product buildup, sweat, and excess oils from working out. It has apple cider vinegar and an apple fragrance to help neutralize odors and absorb sebum between wash days. If you're looking for an alternative to dry shampoo, this is a great option that'll gently cleanse your scalp without clogging your pores and leaving behind a white cast.

I would apply this directly to my roots and scalp fresh off of a workout because lord knows I can work up a sweat. I loved the tingly sensation from the apple cider vinegar and felt like it helped free my scalp of excess moisture and oil. The bottle design also has an easy-to-squeeze handle that quickly distributed enough product to cover my roots, which always feels refreshed and clean until my shampoo session when I use this.

Final Verdict

Writer with two braids after working out and using Sunday II Sunday

Desiree Johnson

Overall, Sunday II Sunday is a major win in my book. Layering hair products on curly hair can be challenging, but I love that each of the items I've been using is multi-layered, with a specific purpose. The ingredients are fresh, lightweight, and deliver on their promises of functionality. If you're rebuilding your makeup bag or searching for scalp-first products to add to your routine, definitely give this line a try.

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