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Breaking: This Alien-esque Green Mask Promises Clearer Skin Overnight

As a fairly skeptical person, it's rare that I can anticipate a product with full confidence that it'll be amazing. So it's a testament to Sunday Riley's consistency that my expectations only seem to soar higher with every new launch—and that was certainly true when I first heard about its brand-new Saturn Sulfur Acne Treatment Mask, a clay mask with a distinctive smell that promises to tackle blemishes from all sides.

The mask is new-new—I was given a factory sample in a tiny jar to test out before we nabbed the ready-for-retail version you see in the video above. But that means that by the time the cameras were rolling, I was fully prepared to gush about yet another winning product from one of my favorite brands.

True to Sunday Riley's M.O., the Saturn mask boasts a lineup of performance-driven and largely natural ingredients: Tea tree oil, bentonite clay, zinc PCA, and sulfur (natch) all work in tandem to dry up existing blemishes, clear away any redness, and rid the skin of excess oil. Personally, I love how it immediately clears my blackheads—a near-impossible task.

Watch the Saturn Mask ($55) in action in the video above.

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