Makeup Artist Must-Haves: Sundance Edition

The Sundance Film Festival is a place where indie films debut and celebs come to frolick, schmooze and promote their movies amidst the snowy slopes of Utah. It also happens to be located in a really, really cold location (see the aforementioned snowy slopes), which means Hollywood's makeup artists have to change up their products and techniques now that they're no longer in sunny SoCal.

To find out how stars like Rashida Jones and Lena Dunham get bright-eyed and glowy-skinned despite the freezing temps, we tapped makeup artist Fabiola, who got these two celebrities ready for Sundance this year. (She also works with everyone from Sophia Bush to Gigi Hadid back in L.A.) Keep scrolling to see her Sundance makeup essentials and best glow-giving tips!