An Open Letter to Alexander Skarsgård and His Scary Sunburn


Alexander, why do you have to worry us so?

The gut-wrenchingly tall and genetically blessed Swedish actor is currently hanging out in Capri, Italy, with a group of friends. That would be completely run-of-the-mill celebrity news if it wasn't for the sun poisoning–level burn he paired with his swim trunks. Shaped to outline a tank top he was likely wearing the day before, his fire-red splotches can only mean one thing: Alexander Skarsgård needs our help—fast.

First things first—pre-sun care. He definitely didn't apply sunscreen. And if he did, it wasn't done properly. Celebrity esthetician Renée Rouleau stresses, "Applying sunscreen properly has more to do with how generously you apply it and less about the [SPF] number. Find a good sunscreen you'll enjoy wearing every day—but you must be extremely diligent about the application." So make sure to pick your favorite and apply to your body, neck, and face every few hours. If you're worried about breakouts, we've got you covered with oil-free options.

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After you've lubed up and spent the day in the sun, there are still ways to prevent (and treat, if you weren't thorough enough like our good friend Alexander) your skin. Rouleau suggests keeping hydrated with cold water and going for a soak in your tub. "Since your body loses fluids when it's overheated, it's important to drink cold ice water to keep the temperature of the body down and internally hydrate. Use lukewarm to cool water mixed with six cups of whole milk for a soothing soak. This is helpful to lower your internal body temperature. Milk (due to the fat, protein, and pH) can have an anti-inflammatory effect and provide comfort to tight, burned skin."

Find calming, cooling, and soothing products with ingredients like aloe, green tea, and chamomile. "Keep in mind that while aloe is a good healing ingredient, many aloe products contain synthetic dyes and fragrance, which can further irritate already sensitive skin," warns Rouleau. "Be sure it's dye-free and fragrance-free." And, if you don't have a gel mask, apply cold plain yogurt. "When applied to skin, it works as an anti-inflammatory to reduce heat and irritation. Apply, let dry for 15 minutes, and rinse," says Rouleau.

I'm partial to this magical remedy that gets rid of a sunburn in mere hours. Alexander Skarsgård, I can send you a sample. 

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FYI: When it comes to sunscreen, natural isn't always better. Here's what you don't know about sunscreen.

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