How to Save a Sunburned Scalp From Itchy, Flaky Ruin

Nothing sours the sweetness of summer like a bad sunburn (ugh!). And though we try to be meticulous when it comes to our SPF habits, we’re not perfect. At some point that fateful pink-hued skin is practically inevitable. However, with proper after-sun care, the damage and cringeworthy aftermath of a bad burn can usually be contained. But when said burn is on your scalp and not, say, your shoulders, proper care and damage control can get a lot trickier—and wreak havoc on your locks. Even worse? Some store-bought remedies (we see you, dandruff shampoo) may do more harm than good in terms of calming that irritated and flaky skin.

Don’t get us wrong—here at Byrdie, we love our product. But we also know that sometimes the natural solution is the right solution. Keep scrolling for the DIY sunburn saviors you need to know about.