School of Yoga: How to Master a Sun Salutation

sun salutation yoga

Sun salutations (also known as surya namaskar) are often the warm-up in yoga classes, but they have benefits as a standalone series of postures. "They are a flowing, moving, meditation. They help to wake up and invigorate the body," explains Shona Vertue.

But there are some common mistakes people make when performing this awakening yoga series: Breathing in when you should be breathing out, rib flare and not being mindful are issues many of us face.

Lucky, then, that Vertue has an easy guide to fixing each of these problems so you can salute the sun worry-free, safe in the knowledge you're doing it right and getting the most out of this series of yoga postures. Now we just need to drag ourselves out of bed early enough to fit it in. We. Can. Do. It!

Keep scrolling to watch Shona Vertue's guide to a successful sun salutation.

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