These Summer Nail Art Designs Will Earn You Endless Likes

Summer is upon us which means, along with planning days at the pool, road trips to the beach, and ways to not sweat all our makeup off during our morning commutes, we're also thinking of ways to update our beauty routine for the warmer weather. While bright colors are gorgeous all on their own, we're shameless suckers for seriously good nail art. Whether it's an emoji-inspired mani, a tie dye masterpiece, or a different color on each nail — we're here for it and have a feeling you are too.

To help you make the most of the last month of summer, ahead you'll find 31 summer nail art designs that you'll want to show off on the 'gram. Pick one for right now and save a few for the weeks to come. Whichever you choose, we bet you'll receive a compliment or two (hundred).

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Flower Power

Put your prettiest hand forward with this neon nail look complete with summer-worthy palm trees.

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Tiny Stars

Who knew nude nails could look so chic by adding teeny stars to the mix? Instead of trying to paint them on, use confetti topped off with top coat to hold each star in place.

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Fun and Fruity

It sure feels like summer with these fruity watermelon tips.

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Nude With Neon Accents

Nude, white, and neon yellow combine for an unforgettable nail look that's both muted and bold.

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Abstract Nude

Spruce up your nude mani with an abstract design which, when paired with subtle neon dots, is summer-worthy.

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Metallic Dots

A simple mani you'll want to show off all summer and beyond? Tiny metallic dots, of course! Grab the metallic polish of your choice (we love Emilie Heathe Nail Artist, $30 in Mr. M) and use a toothpick or dotting tool to create your design. Finish it off with top coat and you're good to go!

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Summer Camo

You may have noticed that camo is back in action here in 2019. If you're not a big fan of the all-green look, switch it out for summery pastels as NYC resident nail studio Chillhouse did here.

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Tie Dye Tips

Another pattern that's making its rounds this summer? Tie dye. While this look is definitely for the more advanced DIY-er, you can hack the technique by watching this popular nail tutorial.

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Marble Mani

Like tie dye, water marble nails are having a major moment this summer. The multi-colored designs can be made by dropping polish in water and dipping your nail in over top, but, given the hard-to-perfect technique, you might want to consult a pro for this look.

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Tortoise Shell Halfsies

Tortoise shell is one of the chicest accessories of the moment, so why not put the trendy acetate design on your nails, too? For an ultra posh take, refrain from covering your whole nail. That way, you can show off not one but two nail trends, as you'll be employing negative space, as well.

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Burnt Orange Beauties

There's nothing quite like a summer sunset. The burnt orange skies are what warm-weather dreams are made of and with this orange-tipped mani, you can bring the serene feel front and center on your nails.

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Cow Print Cuties

Kendall Jenner was one of the first celebrities to rock this untraditional animal print—and in typical Kar/Jen fashion, it seemed as if the whole world followed suit. It perfectly combines black and white in a universal mani and paired with a neon accent nail, it screams summer.

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Dotted Accents

How simple and chic, non? All you need to perfect this mani is a nude base, three colors for your dots, a toothpick to create them, and a top coat to seal the look.

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Confetti Dots

Here's a dotted colorful mani that's as eye-catching as it is easy to achieve. Just use a toothpick to create dots and confine the colors to one edge.

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Hot Pink Plants

We don't know about you, but these hot pink nails with plants reminds us of Hawaii.

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Neon Tips

Take your love of tennis (and tennis ball-colored fashion) and recreate this vibe on your own nails. Instead of going full neon, just cover the tips.

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Pretty Little Cherries

How delicious are these? The fruity negative space nail art is definitely more advanced, so either hone in on your patience or ask a pro for help.

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Lovely in Lime

We don't know about you, but we're in love with all things lime green, and these nails are no exception. Like the neon yellow arcs, this nail design is all about adding pops of color without covering the whole nail. To achieve the ultra-crisp lines, use nail tape and keep a clean-up brush nearby.

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'80s Squiggles

Old school movie theater vibes, anyone? These pastel squiggle nails are both nostalgic and modern, making them a great choice for your summer nail art inspo.

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Negative Space Rainbow Nails

If you love rainbow nails but don't want to only choose five colors for each hand, you'll love the idea of these monochrome tips. Each nail features a different shade of the same family for an intricate take on the Insta-famous nail trend.

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Cosmic Creations

If you're coo-coo for Co—Star, allow us to introduce you to your new favorite nail art: This cosmic creation is all about matching glossy polishes with metallic finishes for a unique look that shimmers like the night sky.

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Sunset Tips

We're in love with these sunny tips. The pink and orange combo reminds us of all our summer faves: Aperol spritzes, sunset, and grapefruit.

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Eye See You

Instead of a basic evil-eye mani, check out this pastel rendition. Between the eyes, black and white dots, and soft hues, we can't get enough of this nail look.

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Starburst Nails

Looking for another hot take on the rainbow nail trend? Try this sunny Starburst-inspired look.

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Matte Neon Squiggles

Sometimes all you need are a few simple squiggles to make a seriously eye-catching nail look. Copy the matte orange design here or consider switching colors for each nail.

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Leopard Details

All about the army green? Sweep it over all your nails and accent one nail with leopard and fill in the spots with gold foil.

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Happy Details

On days when you're not quite sure what design you want to wear, consider choosing a few. These smiley, rainbow, and cloud nails are playful and fun, AKA the epitome of summer.

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Peach Emoji

There's nothing like a juicy peach in the summertime, especially in the form of beautifully stylized nail art.

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Negative Space Smiley Faces

Happy it's summer? Dot your nails with mini smiley's to show off your good mood.

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Neon Lines

We love an easy-to-achieve nail look, and this neon cutie is right up our alley. All you need is a handful of electric colors (we love the Côte Neon Everything collection) to bring your mani to life.

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Aquamarine Accents

Whether you're a March baby or want to sport mermaid vibes, these baby blue digits are a great choice for summer and beyond. If you love the look and want to extend it into fall and winter, consider going a shade darker each month.

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