Everything You Need to Get in Shape This Summer

Woman in workout clothes standing on bleachers smiling

“Getting in shape” is a loaded term, but at Byrdie, the meaning is simple: It encompasses anything that makes you feel good, whether that’s healthy eating or discovering a workout you actually enjoy. For me personally, being in shape is having my shit together and finding the time to go swimming, meditate and prep a week’s worth of work lunches that curb the Pret spending.

It isn’t obsessing over the scales or shooting for one so-called “ideal” weight but rather making lifestyle tweaks that result in an “I look damn good” attitude. Call me superficial, but I find that having the perfect kit gets me halfway there. Especially when said kit helps me track my lengths in the pool or cushions my feet while I’m pounding the pavement. Enter: six new launches that’ll upgrade your fitness game this summer, whether you’re a seasoned runner, a yogi or someone who just need some good music to get moving.

summer wellness trends: Bkr Spiked Metallic Moondust Glass Water Bottle
Bkr Spiked Metallic Moondust Glass Water Bottle $45

The health benefits of water cannot be understated. Drinking enough (at least eight 8-ounce glasses per day) improves your energy levels, boosts your metabolic rate, and helps you sleep better. To ensure you’re topping up your water stores on-the-go, Bkr’s bottles are a gym must-have, and the new spiked sleeve will ensure it never slips out of clumsy hands.

summer wellness trends: FitBit Versa
FitBit Versa $199

The latest Fitbit smartwatch comes with a host of new features, including a heart rate monitor, a period tracker and an altogether sleeker aesthetic. However, the fact that it’s swimproof is by far my favorite thing about the Versa. After all, swimming is the easiest way to get a full-body workout that combines cardio and muscle toning.

summer wellness trends: Jabra Elite 65t
Jabra Elite Active 65t $190

If you’re of the belief that a workout isn’t complete without a pumped-up playlist, these totally secure earbuds will transform the way you exercise. No more getting tangled in wires mid-jog. Wireless earphones certainly aren’t a brand-new concept, but these are unique in that they’re designed to withstand sweat and energetic movements.

summer wellness trends: Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 35
Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 35 $120

Few words pique our interest quite like “new Nike trainers,” and the brand’s latest Air Zoom Pegasus 35 design is a testament as to why. Stylish enough to stay on post-gym and absurdly comfortable, these new runners put an extra spring in your step with a combination of foam and small airbags in the sole. Yes, airbags.

They also come with a women-specific fit, which is less “Bic Pen for Her” than it sounds. Because women’s feet tend to have higher arches and narrower heels than men’s, the fact that the shoes hug these proportions should mean fewer running injuries down the line.

summer wellness trends: Yoga Design Lab Mandala Turquoise Commuter Mat
Yoga Design Lab Mandala Turquoise Commuter Mat $62

There’s a lot to be said for the motivational power of attractive fitness gear, and Yoga Design Lab’s mats make us want to get into the lotus position stat. A far cry from the typical solid-hued mats, these bright designs are inspired by the vibrancy of Bali and were created by surfer/yogi Chad Turner. However, they’re not all fun over function; each mat is 100% natural, made of tree rubber base from Vietnam and recycled-bottle microfibre that works as a towel.

Zwift Running App $Free

When you list out the pros and cons of running on a treadmill versus running outside, the same point comes up every time. Running on a treadmill gets very boring very quickly. New (free!) fitness app Zwift is turning that niggle on its head, giving you the option to run anywhere you like (the beach, the streets of Tokyo, the London Marathon route!) without leaving your home.

If the weather and long working hours are against you, this piece of tech is a godsend that supplements your outdoor runs with nary a blank, grey gym wall in sight. It’s gamified, too; you can unlock rewards as you run or choose to jog alongside other users. You can even send them a “run on” thumbs-up. Clever stuff indeed.

Feeling fitter already? We sure are.

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