This Is the Perfect Low-Key Updo, According to a Top Hairstylist

Over the last few months, we’ve had our eyes trained on a rising star in the hair industry—Los Angeles–based hairstylist Carly Walters. We’re banking on Walters becoming the next big name in hair, and to accelerate her rise to the top, we partnered with TRESemmé to send her to work her first-ever runway show at New York Fashion Week. To arm her with everything she needs to know on The Road to #TRESNYFW, we introduced Walters to four TRESemmé stylists who will mentor her, collaborate with her on a hairstyle (that you voted for on Instagram), and share tricks of the trade for getting through such a high-pressure, high-energy work environment. Be sure to check back for regular updates on Carly’s journey, and enjoy the ride!

Apparently everyone is getting married this year. We’re a little more than halfway through 2018, and we’ve already been to more weddings than we can count on one hand. These aren’t all local either—we’re basically living out of our suitcases, ICYWW, and racking up plenty of frequent flyer miles. We’re thinking you guys can relate, so we’re giving you one less thing to worry about.

After polling our followers on IG, we knew you were in need of the perfect summer wedding ’do, and TRESemmé stylist Tyler Laswell came through with this low-key updo. “I’m constantly thinking of the silhouette and shape—I want it to be beautiful from all the way around, not just from one side,” he explains of his creation, adding that he hopes Walters will learn and exercise the skill throughout her journey. Okay, let’s get to it…

skincare for summer heat

While you can do this style on dry hair, an intricate hairstyle often works better when hair has some moisture to it. (This is especially true if your hair is stick-straight and slippery.) “I like working with TRESemmé TWO Strong Hold Hair Gel ($5) because it gives the hair grip and hold,” says Laswell. Squeeze a dime-size amount into your hands; then run them through your hair. You can also blow-dry the gel in to give a smooth, shiny finish. “It doesn’t need to be a smooth blowout,” says Walters. “Just a rough dry will do.”

CLIQUE Studios

Once your hair is prepped and ready to go, split it into four ponytails directly above the nape of your neck, using small elastics to secure them. The less hair you have, the fewer ponies you may need. The more hair (or the thicker hair) you have, the more you may need.

ursula stephen hairstylist
CLIQUE Studios

Looking at your ponytails from left to right, divide your second and fourth ponies in half. Join these halves together with an elastic over top of your third pony. Next, take the fourth pony and tuck it under the two you just joined. Continue splitting and weaving the ponytails together until you reach the left side of your head. Then tuck the ends under and secure them with a pin. Laswell also suggest going through and making the loops more prominent: “To get hair fluffy, you want to grab the edges to fan it out for a loose, loopy look.”

CLIQUE Studios

Now that you’ve put the work in, set everything in place. “TRESemmé Compressed Micro-Mist Hair Sprays ($5) are numbered with different levels, so they’re ultra-versatile. The different levels of hold allow you to layer them as needed,” says Laswell. “Sometimes I’ll start with a Level 1 and work my way up to stronger holds, so you don’t get that sticky, heavy feeling. Here I used Level 2, because it gives you hold without the stiffness.” “Okay, so I’m going to concentrate spraying Level 2 on the looped area,” agrees Walters.

CLIQUE Studios

There you have it—the ultimate hairstyle to wear for any summer wedding. Whether you’re a guest or walking down the aisle yourself, this look is just as stunning as it is easy.

Want more hair advice? Stay tuned as more TRESemmé stylists offer up their tips and tricks for Carly to master on The Road to #TRESNYFW.


TRESemmé TWO Strong Hold Hair Gel $5
TRESemmé Compressed Micro-Mist Level 2 Hair Spray $5

Photographer: James Houston

Hair: Tyler Laswell and Carly Walters

Makeup: Gloria Noto

Stylist: Christian Stroble

Prop Stylist: Carl Dove  

Model: Judith Jones

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