27 Summer Sweaters to Wear as The Season Cools Down—Literally

As summer winds down, so do the temperatures.

summer sweaters

YanYan Knits/Urban Outfitters

It’s not exactly sweater season yet, but that doesn’t mean it hasn't started getting at least a little chilly at night. Because we are getting tired of wearing little to nothing in this dreadful heat, we’ve decided to mix it up and add some light sweaters to the mix. A light sweater can range from pretty much anything you wear over a summer outfit to something that makes you feel a lot warmer on nights you spend outside. Looking for another reason to sleep on the beach? You can bring a sweater and you’re good to go.

If you’re overheated reading this, don’t run away. We promise you’ll thank us as the seasons start to change and you need a little wardrobe refresh. A sweater will do just the trick on days when you need a hug, are trying to get out of the rain, or decide to act bold and eat somewhere inside. With so many options to choose from. Below, check out our 27 favorite summer sweaters that will hopefully inspire you to add an extra layer to your wardrobe.

The Polo Sweater

Try a short-sleeved polo sweater to make summer days more pleasant. This one from Kina and Tam is a nice throwback to those early elementary school days.

The Underdog Polo
Kina & Tam The Underdog Polo $109.99

The Patchwork Cardigan

We could tell you all of the reasons we love this patchwork sweater, but I think it speaks for itself. Pair it with some straight leg jeans and heeled sandals and you’ll be the cutest person at any party you attend.

Abstract Patchwork Cardigan
Pilcro Abstract Patchwork Cardigan $198.00

The Statement Sweater

This sweater is for the bold and we don’t need to tell you why. Pair with a mini skirt and some cowboy boots and you’ll stick out in the best way possible.

Blue Gigi Sweater
Molly Goddard Blue Gigi Sweater $470.00

The Silk Sweater

Silk anyone? Yes, please. While this one is on the pricier side, who says you don’t need at least one nice sweater in your wardrobe?

Chevron Knit Silk Sweater
Joseph Chevron Knit Silk Sweater $435.00

The Telfar

Because Telfar is such an iconic designer, we had to include at least one of his sweaters on our list. Pair this with a shirt over, or under, for the perfect layered look. We love this sweater not only because it’s perfect for the changing seasons, but because the super soft material is pretty cute, too.

Cable-Knit Panelled Jumper
Telfar Cable-Knit Panelled Jumper $662.00

The Tie-Dye Cardigan

We love vintage and we love anything and everything Berriez. This sweet sweater is sure to make any summer day a little more cute and a little more fun. Pair with some denim shorts and sneakers and you’ll be ready to stay outside the entire day.

Harris Tie Dye Cardigan
Princess Polly Harris Tie Dye Cardigan $63.00

The Sleeveless Turtleneck

This one is a little more heavy, so if you aren’t feeling it yet you can wait until it’s a little more breezy outside. If you’re feeling bold, which we usually are, this sweater over a mini dress is sure to make you stand out anywhere you go.

Asymmetrical Ribbed Knit Turtleneck
Danielle Guizio Asymmetrical Ribbed Knit Turtleneck $198.00

The Track Jacket

Who says a sweater and a jacket can’t be the same thing? This cute piece is somewhere in between, and we aren’t complaining.

London Tracktop
Wales Bonner London Tracktop $684.95

The Crochet Sweater

If you haven't mastered the art of crochet, don't worry. This adorable sweater from Tach clothing offers all the perks of crochet without any of the manual labor.

Nuria Crochet Cardigan
Tach Nuria Crochet Cardigan $265.00

The Mesh Sweater

Need an excuse to add a layer? Use this sweater. Pair with a skirt and some flat sandals and you’re ready for the yachts, the beaches, or the pools.

Yardie Mesh Polo
Theophilio Yardie Mesh Polo $350.00

The Roomy Cardigan

Every wardrobe should have at least one super-cozy cardigan. Pair this cutie with some knit pants and a graphic T-shirt and you’re ready for the movies, a little get together, or wherever else the day may bring.

Open Neck Cable Stitch Sweater
Eloquii Open Neck Cable Stitch Sweater $79.95

The Corset Sweater

For some reason, we can’t get over any and all variations of the color brown. It’s the perfect accent color for any outfit, and it looks even better with this corset style. Whether you’re wearing flared jeans or jean shorts, this sweater is the perfect addition.

Juliet Portrait Neck Sweater
Urban Outfitters Juliet Portrait Neck Sweater $54.00

The Sweater Vest

A sweater vest is the gift that keeps on giving because it works as a sweater, a vest, a cover up, and everything in between. We love this one not only for the pattern, but because it’s the perfect color combination to add to any outfit. Put it un and you’re ready for anything.

Yarrow Sweater Vest
Stine Goya Yarrow Sweater Vest $230.00

The Bold Print Sweater

Free People never ceases to amaze us with their excellent sweater selection, so it was pretty hard to choose our favorite one. Pair this one with a pair of short shorts, some little black boots, and you’ll be the cutest one in town.

Malibu Pattern Sweater Set
Free People Malibu Pattern Sweater Set $168.00

The Checked Sweater Vest

Another sweater vest? Yes! We love everything about this piece, especially the pattern. One can never have too many checkerboard things.

Randi Shrunken Sweater Vest
Urban Outfitters Randi Shrunken Sweater Vest $49.00

The Logo Sweater

Phlemuns has been on our radar for a long time now, and we aren’t complaining. This sweater is perfect for seasonal changes or a rainy day.

Green Striped Oversized Logo Sweatshirt
Phlemuns Green Striped Oversized Logo Sweatshirt $96.00

The Cropped Sweater

Another unique idea for a summer sweater is this sweater/crop top combo, which can be worn with so many different things. Whether you’re wearing a high-waisted midi skirt or long cut-off jean shorts, there’s so many outfit options with this top, you won’t even know what to choose.

Lisa Marie Knit Top
LaQuan Smith Lisa Marie Knit Top $180.00

The Color Blocked Sweater

Who doesn’t love crayons and bright colors in the summer? We can’t get enough of Christopher John Rogers so we had to include one of his sweaters on the list. The perfect amount of primary colors with the checkerboard detail has us wishing we could wear this fabulous piece every single day.

Color-Block Ribbed-Knit Sweater
Christopher John Rogers Color-Block Ribbed-Knit Sweater $575.00

The Cherry Cardigan

For the girl who has everything, but still wants more, can we interest you in the cutest cardigan we’ve ever seen? Pair this with any pair of jeans and you’re ready to go anywhere. This sweater needs no further explanation.

Frankie Cardigan
Olivia Rubin Frankie Cardigan $295.00

The Pullover

A pullover is the perfect sweater for any outfit, regardless of the weather. We’ve already explained how a sweater is actually a hug you can wear, but if you needed more reasons to believe that, here’s this stunning ribbed sweater to prove it.

Jolie Ribbed Pullover
The Frankie Shop Jolie Ribbed Pullover $95.00

The Crewneck

A classic crewneck with a cheeky graphic can go a long way. Dress it up by wearing it over a polo shirt with a pleated skirt or go ultra-casual and throw on a pair of sweat shorts. Whatever you do, prepare for maximum comfort.

Adult Crewneck
Mom Come Pick Me Up Adult Crewneck $50.00

The Red Checked Sweater

Because we are totally obsessed with checkerboard during any time of the year, we included this red checkered sweater by Kule. As huge fans of the brand and everything they do, this sweater is the perfect combination of warm, casual, and vibrant.

The Check Mate
Kule The Check Mate $318.00

The Grandpa Cardigan

Another cute cardigan that your closet definitely needs. This one is special for more than 10 reasons, but we are obsessed because of the floral detailing. Pair with a graphic tee and some flared lounge pants and we can assure you that you’ll have a good time.

Rosie Grandpa Cardigan
YanYan Knits Rosie Grandpa Cardigan $450.00

The Hoodie

While a hoodie in summer might be unheard of, we think this one is too special not to own. We love the fact that it’s sustainably made, super soft, and has a completely one-of-a-kind look. Collina Strada is another designer we can’t get enough of, so you’ll definitely want to snatch this sweater before it sells out.

Thorn Hoodie
Collina Strada Thorn Hoodie $300.00

The Light Cardigan

This cardigan is the definition of a summer sweater. It’s effortless, vintage-inspired, and the perfect piece to add to any look.

60s Slim Cardigan
Re/Done 60s Slim Cardigan $350.00

The Neutral Cardigan

This super soft cutie is a must have, not only because it’s on sale, but also because it will go with almost everything in your closet.

Naomi Cardigan
Sandy Liang Naomi Cardigan $388.00

The Shimmer Sweater

Last, but definitely not least, this sweater is the right price and looks super comfortable. We love that it’s sparkly and gives us '70s roller skate vibes. For a sweeter summer, add a rainbow to anything you’re wearing and you’ll feel like you’re floating on a cloud.

Lytton Sparkle Sweater
Boden Lytton Sparkle Sweater $38.99

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