14 Products That Will Make You Smell Like Summer

With the changing of the seasons comes the swapping of our fragrances, and as summer is just around the corner (June 21, to be exact), that means notes of neroli, citrus, and coconut will soon take over our senses. In preparation for the sunny days and weekend getaways that will soon be upon us, we’ve compiled the summer scents you should add to your warm-weather beauty routine.

Whether you prefer oils or perfumes or an all-in-one scented moisturizer, you can acquire the best scents of summer in just about any formula. Looking for a sultry summer scent? Tom Ford’s shimmery body oil will illuminate your soon-to-be-tan skin while giving off notes of white florals and amber. Oil not your thing? Try Replica’s orange and ylang-ylang perfume with just a hint of musk. Or, better yet, opt for a sea salt spray that adds texture to your hair while simultaneously transporting you to the Italian Riviera with notes of citrus and almond.

For the heavenly scented beauty products that will make you smell like summer, click through the gallery below.