23 Summer Nail Looks You'll Want to Wear All Season Long

Summer is just around the corner. And in addition to doing a happy dance (because for many, this winter seemed particularly long and miserable), we're already preparing our highly anticipated transition to sun, heat, and sweat-proof beauty. Things like SPF, hydration-sealing lip balms and low-maintenance hair removal are currently top of mind, but so are our nails, which, if we're being honest, endure season-long neglect during the colder months—tragically subjected to cracks, dryness, and perpetually dark hues of polish.

Sure, you can sport bright summer nail colors and whimsical nail art ideas all year round, but it just feels more exciting when the weather outside matches the cheery, summery disposition of our tips. So since we're almost there (one more month, friends!), we thought we'd beat the season to the punch and hunt down the very best summer nail looks for 2018. (We found a whopping 23, to be exact.) Keep scrolling for a season's worth of summer nail art ideas.